In Finland, the city of Lappeenranta has prepared a climate program for the next ten years during the past winter. The city wanted to involve companies and residents in the preparation of the program. Therefore, Lappeenranta organized multiple workshops with different themes like energy, transport, and construction. Plenty of useful ideas and suggestions came up in the workshops.


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The International Road Transport Union (IRU) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) have issued a joint statement calling for support from governments and international bodies to ensure international supply and mobility chains remain connected during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Through its integrated technological solutions, SJR has fulfilled the needs of educational institutions and the business sector in record time. The Group has also launched an awareness initiative to ensure continuity of the business sector efficiently and successfully

Due to the Covid-19 coronavirus, Viking Line will continue to keep service on the Baltic Sea at a reduced level. Four of the Company's seven vessels will sail primarily with cargo between Finland and Sweden, the Åland Islands and Estonia to ensure security of supply. Passenger traffic has virtually come to a standstill following the authorities' restrictions. Demand for cargo transport remains high.

Denmark’s largest commercial port concluded 2019 with a profit of DKK 84 million: an increase of DKK 12 million on the previous year. The Port of Aarhus also succeeded in reducing the company’s CO2 emissions by 15% to 1,248 tons of CO2 in 2019.


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Support to include regularly-updated, frequently-asked questions section vetted by experts from eight global ports, a weekly economic impact barometer and latest industry updates


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(JACKSONVILLE, Fla.; April 2, 2020) ­– Five Crowley tugboats recently worked together to load the LP Odyssey, a self-propelled, semi-submersible mobile spacecraft launch platform, onto a heavy-lift ship for Barber Moss Ship Management on behalf of Sea Launch/S7 Space. In less than 48 hours, Crowley tugs Master, Leader, Admiral, Veteran and Scout were successfully mobilized for this unique job, complied with customer and regulatory requirements, and began towing the platform from Los Angeles Harbor to an outside anchorage near Long Beach.


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Faster, smarter, better connected: In the age of digitalisation the shipping sector is reinventing itself. The SMM motto “Driving The Maritime Transition” reflects this paradigm shift. Featuring innovative exhibitors and top-ranking discussion panels, the leading international maritime trade fair will provide key impetus for the technology transition.


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International ship classification society IRClass, has classed its first vessel under the Lebanese flag.


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Almost 1,000 seafarers stranded on cruise ships around the globe due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic are in the process of being repatriated to the Philippines.


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Passenger road transport is the backbone of the global economy. It contributes to the success of numerous sectors, but not limited to, the tourism industry and is essential to business and leisure travel. But as the COVID-19 pandemic containment measures are forcing millions of people to stay at home, passenger transport operations have been condemned to a de facto lockdown, unlike any other in the industry's history.


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The EU funded FLAGSHIPS project is supporting the construction of a hydrogen fuel powered barge push boat in the French city of Lyon, one that will get its clean hydrogen form the Rhone’s hydroelectric power in a truly virtuous circle.

Significant volumes are being delivered on behalf of healthcare customers
during the COVID-19 crisis

·       Resilience, adaptability and tight collaboration between CEVA and its partners enable
        time-critical products to reach those in need
·       CEVA leverages its global presence, scale and expertise to support its clients and help
        keep the supply chains moving

Marseille, France, 31 March, 2020 – As a key part of its innovative service initiatives to help customers though the COVID-19 crisis, CEVA Logistics has already delivered significant additional volumes on behalf of numerous customers around the world. Air, air charter, ocean freight, ground transport and rail freight have all been deployed to ensure that shipments can be delivered in spite of the operational challenges created by the global pandemic.


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Since the beginning of March, empty shelves without toilet paper is common occurrence in German supermarkets as worried shoppers buy up the essential household item. Even the Dutch prime minister was asked about the coveted sanitary paper product while visiting a supermarket. German retailers emphasize: there are no supply shortages. Port of Hamburg Marketing (HHM) explains how the perceived shortage nevertheless occurs, how the supply chains for paper and paper products work, how much Germany produces and what goods are imported for this purpose.

Paris, 30 March—UNESCO on 30 March hosted an online meeting of representatives of ministries in charge of science all over the world. Participants included 77 ministers, including governmental secretaries representing a total of 122 countries, as well as Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Sarah Anyang Agbor, African Union Commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology, Moisés Omar Halleslevens Acevedo, former Vice President of Nicaragua and Dr Soumya Swaminathan, the World Health Organization’s Chief Scientist.


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