‘Pestilence is in fact very common, but we find it hard to believe in a pestilence when it descends upon us. There had been as many plagues in the world as there had been wars, yet plagues and wars always find people equally unprepared.’
We read these and the rest of the thoughts, featured in The Plague, written in 1947 by the French existentialist philosopher and writer Albert Camus, as if they have become the chronicle of the current events that the horrified and worried world has been witnessing since December.  The characters, situations, local government actions, human lives, forced separation upon closing the city gate and the global reaction, described in the novel, which has earned a Nobel prize in 1957, as if tells the story of the city of Wuhan and several dozens of the other cities that were closed in China.
In the presence of the modern-day plague – coronavirus, named Covid-19 – there is a prototype of the main character from the novel as well – Li Wenliang, a doctor from Wuhan.

On 31 January, Dubai marked the opening of Al Wasl Plaza – the main building of the world EXPO 2020.
Upon opening the structure, which represents the 4000-year-old ring, unearthed by archaeologists in the desert sand, the JAE Sheikhs Mohammed bin Rashid and Mohammed bin Zayed referred to it as the ’beating heart of Dubai‘, which will gather representatives from 192 countries for a half a year of communication.
Lithuania is one of these countries and its participation at the World Expo events is organised by the Ministry of Environment. The construction of the Lithuanian pavilion has already commenced.
We have discussed the preparations for the event under the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ with Romas JANKAUSKAS, Commissioner General of the Lithuanian pavilion at the World EXPO 2020.

The third decade of the third millennium begins with an impressive event – World EXPO 2020, which will open in Dubai on 20 October 2020.
The organisers of the event and the Sheikh of the Emirate of Dubai promise that ‘Dubai will dazzle the world’. Seeing the fantastic modern and sustainable buildings of the EXPO 2020 site, rising not far from Dubai International Airport, leaves no doubt.
Looking at the near future and what has been achieved in the United Arab Emirates during the second decade of this millennium, it becomes obvious that Dubai, a small settlement of fishermen and pearl catchers only a bit more than fifty years ago, already dazzles the world.

Last summer the media preached about climate change in Lithuania, citing unconfirmed and misinterpreted phenomena, related to the waters. The media had obviously used the data from the impact of climate change study, conducted by UK’s GreenMatch ‘green’ energy consulting company in 32 European countries.

Jonathan Moss, head of Marine and Trade at DWF, comments on the impact that the ensuing Middle East crisis is having on the insurance market.

Transportation by rail, sea and road is a popular logistics block in the world of cargo turnover. Today the multimodal sector of the world accounts for 98 % of the traffic.
Let us take a closer look at the current state of the multimodal transport market, its trends and prospects in ACEX version.

On 30 January, World Health Organisation (WHO) declared international emergency due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus (COVID 19), which started in December 2019 in China, while in the middle of February Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, stated that the spreading of the disease ‘holds a very grave threat for the rest of the world’.
Scientists, experts and practitioners discuss the effect of this situation on production, trade, established logistics chains and the entire economy.
We offer you several insights, shared at forums and the media.

In close collaboration between national guaranteeing associations, Customs Authorities and the IRU, a TIR transport operation starting from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Amman, Jordan via the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia successfully concluded. This historical moment is the starting point of a new journey, providing an important border crossing solution for transport and logistics operators in the Gulf region.

At the end of December, il Rivellino Leonardo da Vinci art gallery in the Swiss city of Locarno hosted the final event, dedicated to the 500th death anniversary of the great genius. The cycle of events, which took place throughout 2019, was completed with an exhibition of the Bulgarian artist Doncho Donchev, dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci.

In May and June 2020, Klaipėda Drama Theatre will invite audiences to the fourth TheATRIUM international theatre festival. Last year its programme was enriched with Lithuanian performances – the festival introduced a showcase of Lithuanian theatre, where Klaipėda’s audience and foreign theatre professionals could see as many as fifteen performances, created by Lithuanian theatre producers, in only five days. This idea was very successful and thus this year the festival invites everyone to get to know the latest works of the masters of our theatre. 19–24 May will feature fifteen Lithuanian theatre performances, ranging from contemporary dance (Kaunas Zoo by Aura Dance Theatre, Towers of Melancholy by Airos) and musical action (Artūras Bumšteinas’ Bad Weather, produced by Operomanija) to modern interpretations of classic pieces (Candide or the Death of Optimism by Teatronas, Antigone by Klaipėda Drama Theatre), original works (Analyzing the Beast by VšĮ Būties Slėpinio Produkcija) and contemporary classics (Wedding and A Man from Podolsk by Oskaras Koršunovas Theatre).


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