SOUTHERN California shipping executives say they are optimistic they will have an improved peak season at the Port of Long Beach this year.

Speaking at the Port of Long Beach's "Pulse of the Ports: Peak Season Forecast," its annual industry forecast event attended by 400 people at the Hyatt Regency Hotel downtown, the executives were optimistic, reported the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

Ninety-five per cent of Ocean & Cargo Management Services customers believe volumes in the west coast ports will either stay the same or increase, said company vice president Daniel Wall.

Better sales from consumers coming back to the job market and looser credit to open more stores as well as labour disputes on the east coast may combine to mean more cargo shipments to the west coast, said Mr Wall.

"We're looking at a traditional peak season this year, which is something we haven't seen in a long time," he said.

Said Long Beach Harbour Commission chief Susan Anderson Wise: "Piecing together projections from these different vantage points is what allows us to see the big picture."

Hong Kong's OOCL (USA) president Erxin Yao discussed his soundings among customers for the coming season.

Mr Yao whose company recently agreed to a 40-year lease with the Port of Long Beach in the future Middle Harbour, spoke of the "mega trend" of larger carriers.

About half of the ships are now able to carry 5,000 TEU and 10 per cent of the ships are more than 10,000 TEU, he said.

"But if you look at our order book, almost half of the ships being built will be 10,000 TEU or more," he said. "And that will be the trend of the future."

Long Beach port executive director Christopher Lytle recalled the talk of the 12,500-TEU MSC Fabiola docking at Long Beach a few weeks ago. "That was a significant event. The question of future competitiveness comes down to which ports could handle the biggest ships the most effective way. And with the Fabiola, we proved that Long Beach is ready," Mr Lytle said.

"We're well positioned to bring. more trade, more business, more jobs and more revenue to the port. With the help of many stakeholders, we're moving quickly to do just that," he said.

Shipping Gazette - Daily Shipping News

INDIA's Kerala High Court has ruled that the owner of the Singapore-flagged vessel, which collided with a fishing boat off Kerala on March 1, has been ordered to pay INR2.5 million (US$49,138) to each family of the four of the five fishermen killed, reports the Press Trust of India.

The relatives of Jose, Justin, Cleatus and Santosh had informed the court that they had discussed compensation with Mumbai area's Tolani Shipping company, owners of the Singapore-flagged 29,986-ton geared multipurpose vessel, the Prabhu Daya.

The case had been sent for mediation by the court. The mediation report was filed before Justice Haroon-Ul Rasheed. The relatives of another fisherman, who was killed in the collision, has approached the Madras High court for compensation.

The relatives had earlier asked for INR10 million compensation.

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SRI LANKA's maritime industry is about to build large-scale maritime infrastructure projects that will bring about vast national economic improvement, according to the Sri Lanka Ports Authority's (SLPA) managing director Nihal Keppetipola.

"A total 2,299,446 TEU was handled in 2011, the highest-ever throughput in the history of SLPA, shows an overall increase of 6.1 per cent when compared to 2,167,173 TEU handled in 2010," he said, reported the Sri Lanka Nation.

"Overall, SLPA stands at a 53.9 per cent market share of the total 4,262,887 TEU handled at Colombo in 2011 as against the 46.1 per cent market share of [privately owned] SAGT [South Asia Gateway Terminal]," Capt Keppetipola said.

Speaking at welcoming ceremony in Colombo to greet the 8,200-TEU NYK Virgo at the state-owned, SLPA-run Jaye Container Terminal (JCT), Capt Keppetipola said that the new era had come about with the end of the Tamil Tiger war.

"We have demonstrated our management efficiency and operational capabilities to our customers, and won their loyalty. This has been evidenced by the G6 Alliance with the lead line NYK coming back to the state-run JCT after 10 years," he said.

"Under the Colombo Port Expansion Project, the 18 metre deep East Terminal will be ready by mid 2013 and a part of the Colombo South Terminal will be ready for operations by end of 2013," he said.

Capt Keppetipola said that the SLPA had acquired six modern gantry cranes, 30 transfer cranes, 50 terminal tractors with 30 terminal trailers.

Capt Keppetipola said container had increased. "A 14.9 per cent growth had been recorded in domestic container volumes from 563,349 TEU in 2010 to 647,482 TEU in 2011. The volume of transshipment containers handled at the SLPA container terminals had shown a 3.2 per cent increase from 1,533,845 TEU in year 2010 to 1,583,195 TEU in 2011."

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BIMCO, an international shipping organisation that represents the interests of shipowners controlling 65 per cent of the world's tonnage, has published the GUARDCON standard contract for the employment of security guards on vessels.

This new contract has been developed to provide shipowners and private maritime security companies (PMSC) with a clearly worded and comprehensive standard contract to govern the employment and use of security guards, with or without firearms, on board merchant vessels.

"While BIMCO would not like to see the use of armed security guards on ships becoming institutionalised, it recognises armed guards provide an effective deterrent to piracy attacks," it said in a statement.

The shipping association's chief officer of Legal and Contractual Affairs, Grant Hunter, explained BIMCO's move: "In response to shipowners' increasing demand for security services, an ever growing number of private maritime security companies have entered the market to meet that demand.

"In the absence of a standard contract for these services, shipowners and their P&I Clubs are currently faced with the difficult and time consuming task of assessing large numbers of contracts from these security companies, all with varying terms and conditions.

"GUARDCON's objective is to create a contractual benchmark for the employment of security services so that minimum levels of insurance cover for PMSCs are established and that adequate safeguards are put in place to ensure that liabilities and responsibilities are properly addressed and that all necessary permits and licences are obtained."

According to BIMCO deputy secretary general, Soren Larsen, GUARDCON has been drafted by a small group of experts drawn from ship owners, insurance underwriters, P&I Clubs and lawyers with first-hand experience of working with contracts for security services. The drafting work also involved consultations with PMSCs.

Sample copies of the GUARDCON contract, with detailed Explanatory Notes, and the accompanying Guidance on the Rules of the Use of Force can be obtained through BIMCO's website (

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ITALIAN freight forwarding expert, Maimex Far East, and warehousing and quality control apparel specialist Beretti Group, celebrated their newly formed partnership with an official launch in Hong Kong recently.

The merger, which has been one year in the making, now offers fashion and apparel shippers an end-to-end supply chain solution with an added emphasis on attention to detail and quality service, said Maimex Far East CEO, Stefano Casella and Beretti Group CEO, Gianmaria Beretti.

"We provide the full list of services for the supply chain. From the moment the supplier has finished the production we can then go and pick up the goods, bring them to the warehouse, check the quality and prepare the order to go to different countries.

"We can handle order replenishment in case there is a fault or other problem. We also handle the customs clearance and oversee the whole process right to the point of delivery," Mr Casella said.

While the China-Italy trade is a major focal point of the Maimex-Beretti partnership, the two companies have also established themselves in the fast-growing Brazilian market with warehousing facilities now located in the country.

Southeast Asia is next on the radar as the supply chain partners look to expand their global network and offer the high level of service that both companies have come to be known for over the past 30 years to an even wider customer base.

"I think what is most important with this partnership is that we can take care of the customer right from the beginning, no matter what country we are in," Mr Beretti said.

"Right from the production side, whether it is in China, Southeast Asia, Brazil or Italy, we offer the full range of services to get the product to its final destination," he said.

Value-added services are central to the group's success, the two CEOs noted. But what really sets the Maimex-Beretti Group collaboration apart, in what is a very competitive niche market, is its people.

"The key of our company, the true added value, comes from the Italian mentality for fashion. Each station, each warehouse for the group has inside it; experts from Italy, coming from Italian factories, speaking the Italian language. But also we seek out people who also speak the language of the markets we are in. So of course they can speak Italian, but they can also speak and write in Chinese. And it is the same story in Brazil or wherever else we go," Mr Casella said.

Looking ahead the two CEOs acknowledged the challenges going forward, given the gloomy economic outlook, but they remain optimistic.

"There are so many companies that are still looking for good service. And the crisis is helping us in that respect because more people are caring about the quality of their products now," the Maimex CEO said.

Mr Beretti agreed, stating that the group's ongoing commitment to quality service would be a message that would continue to resonate with customers in its key markets going forward.

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WHILE Singapore Airlines and Taiwan's China Airlines are downplaying cargo services, the mainland's Air China Cargo's (ACC) freighter fleet is looking to add new routes.

The last two of four B747-400BCFs that Cathay Pacific is contributing to the joint venture with Air China are due to join the fleet this month, bringing the total to twelve 747 freighters.

ACC has eyes on India to fill some of its new main-deck capacity. It gained approval for the Shanghai-Chennai sector and aims to have thrice weekly flights. "We plan to combine it with Chongqing," said Air China Cargo's chief operations officer Titus Diu.

Chongqing will be served on the return leg from India to Shanghai. "We can carry cargo from India, plus we can feed traffic from Chongqing to our intercontinental departures out of Shanghai," Mr Diu said.

Air China Cargo is also looking at Dhaka, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City, but management has not yet made a final decision on routes and frequencies.

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RUSSIA's Volga-Dnepr Airlines has transported 200 tonnes shipment of industrial equipment in three AN-124-100 cargo flights from Japan to the Thai capital of Bangkok on behalf of Honda Logistics.

The flights each carried a payload of between 60-70 tonnes, operated from Nagoya and Osaka airports in Japan to the Thai capital to help with the reconstruction of Honda's assembly facilities after they were severely damaged in floods at the end of 2011 which claimed more than 500 lives and flooded large parts of the capital.

"As always, we were able to ensure we met the customer's requirements for safe and on-time deliveries to the destination thanks to the detailed work carried out by our technical team. It took 13 hours to place the equipment inside the aircraft on each of the first two flights and six hours for the third flight," said Tak Konita, Volga-Dnepr's representative in Japan.

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SWISS forwarding giant Kuehne + Nagel is rolling out KN PharmaChain, a product tailored to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical and health care industry.

KN PharmaChain offers door-to-door temperature control, a 24-hour alert system, optional wireless temperature measuring and best practice (GxP) standards for facilities, working processes and training programmes.

A company statement said: "If not correctly handled and transported, pharmaceuticals efficacy may be compromised or rendered completely ineffective, resulting in serious and costly consequences, in particular, in the case of high value, mission critical and temperature sensitive products.

"Therefore, the choice of a logistics provider is highly important for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies as they need partners who understand the nature of sensitive products as well as the strict regulatory rules. They must also be familiar with the logistics challenges in both mature and emerging global markets," it said.

Full risk assessments of carrier partners as well as of transport lanes ensure best-in-class services on all routes within the network comprising of 58 designated stations.

Comprehensive best practice (GxP) policies apply for staff, working processes and facilities, and by the end of 2012, all locations will be fully GxP-compliant.

Temperature visibility can be provided by the use of active wireless sensors, which record and transmit the shipment temperature throughout. Kuehne + Nagel claims to be the first logistics provider to offer a service using active sensors.

Temperature controlled shipments are monitored by the KN PharmaChain CareTeam, operating 24 hours/day and seven days/week from two locations in Europe and the Americas. An electronic alert system ensures that any disruption in the supply chain will be reported immediately to the CareTeam, which pro-actively monitors temperature-controlled shipments.

Said K+N air logistics vice president Tim Scharwath: "We have developed this product in close cooperation with customers and partners."

Shipping Gazette - Daily Shipping News

Warsaw Chopin Airport's Twitter page has clocked up over 11,000 followers, making it one of the most popular airport profiles in the world.

The English-language Chopin Airport's page is used as passenger support, and at the same time, a means of contact with the airport.

"It is a very convenient communication channel. We inform passengers about what's going on at the airport, and they post their comments and ideas. And all this in the concise, vivid form of 140 characters," said Radosław Żuk, Director of Chopin Airport's PR Bureau.

The airport's tweets include updates on delayed and cancelled flights, tips for travellers, news and special offers in duty-free shops, as well as tourist information about Warsaw and Poland.

"Our profile is mainly dedicated to foreigners, which is why we often recommend what to see and where to stay in Warsaw, give tips for eating out and provide information on important cultural events and the main news from Poland," said Radosław Żuk.

The number of people following Chopin Airport on Twitter is growing rapidly. In January, it stood at less than 2,000, only to reach 10,000 in the middle of March and 11K at the end. This makes the airport's Twitter feed one of the most popular airport pages in the world. Only seven other airports, including Heathrow, Manchester, Gatwick, Dublin, Edinburgh, Los Angeles and London City can boast more followers.

Source Warsaw Chopin Airport

Experts for Experts (e4e) International AG are celebrating their 10th anniversary in October in Lisbon. The network with currently 16 partner companies on three continents continues its international expansion and strengthens both the global footprint and service offering.

The war on talents is in full swing in the transport and logistics industry. High level defections from market leaders to competitors underline the importance of executive search companies. They are the experts for sniffing out talent that is successful in the existing job but willing to face a new challenge. They are able to find leadership personnel that would not respond to an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine but would respond to a personal call.

The globalization of industry and trade has been followed by a globalization of logistics companies as well as executive search companies. HR managers in one country need to fill executive positions in another with talent from not necessarily either country. Only truly international executive search companies and networks can fill these needs.

Experts for Experts (e4e) International AG are one of the longest established and biggest specialized networks focused on the transport and logistics industry. It was founded and registered in 2002 in Switzerland and currently has 16 shareholding partners on three continents. It is proud of a presence in all the major logistics centers around the globe.

With the global support of their e4e colleagues, the local partner companies have the ability and expertise to find the best solutions in their individual markets and around the world. Agile, flexible, and customer focused with a flat hierarchy e4e partner companies can respond quickly to any enquiry, deploying network resources and know-how. In addition, a strategic key account management supports the one face to the customer approach.

As the globalization of the transport and logistics sector continues so does the globalization of e4e. The network is currently negotiating with further partner companies to expand its footprint in emerging markets. Whilst there is no territorial exclusivity as far as the activities of each partner company is concerned there is only one partner per country. Common quality standards and a policy of continuous quality improvements ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

One of the founding partners of e4e, Fritz Schultze of Experts for Experts Ltd., Porto, is organizing the jubilee. e4e has set an example that many have tried to imitate but we are the original ― and the most successful executive search network focused on the transport and logistics industry. No doubt, we will be able to report on new partners and customers in Lisbon. Our aims are ambitious”, says a proud Dick Binkhorst, President of Experts for Experts (e4e) International AG.

Source Meneghin & Partner

First call-off by Deutsche Bahn of variable double-deck multiple units for regional transport

Berlin, March 30, 2012 - Bombardier Transportation will deliver 16 BOMBARDIER TWINDEXX Vario multiple units to Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG) for operation on the Kiel-Hamburg and Flensburg-Hamburg railway lines. DB AG was awarded a contract to operate services on these regional lines in a Europe-wide tender process. The order is valued at approximately 160 million euro ($208 million US) and is part of a framework agreement between Bombardier and DB AG from December 2008. DB AG has already ordered 135 of the variable double-deck coaches for intercity transport as well as 18 intermediate coaches and three double-deck power cars for regional services.

Each of the 16 new four-car TWINDEXX Vario trains comprises two double-deck power cars and two intermediate coaches. The new trains will operate on the network LVS Schleswig-Holstein with speeds of up to 160 km/h. The trains are due to be delivered in the second half of 2014.

With high-floor entry and LVS' new interior design, the trains offer improved passenger comfort including more legroom and large storage spaces for luggage and bicycles. Wide doors allow passengers to enter and exit the trains quickly, especially during peak travel times. The centre buffer coupling enables double traction operation, allowing seamless travel without the need for passengers to change trains in Neumünster. The trains' single car concept means they can be lengthened or shortened easily to meet varying passenger demand.

"Bombardier's innovative TWINDEXX Vario trains have proven themselves over many years of service," said Michael Clausecker, Chairman of the Management Board, Bombardier Transportation Germany. "With this order, we will be supplying Deutsche Bahn with the 2,000thof these modern double-deck coaches. Their variability in length, configuration and interior design is one of the key reasons for our trains' great success. We are delighted that they will continue to form the backbone of modern and efficient public transportation in northern Germany."

The TWINDEXX Vario power cars are equipped with the reliable and energy efficient BOMBARDIER MITRAC 1000 propulsion and control system. One of the advantages of this system is that it allows trains to accelerate quickly to an optimum speed. The double-deck coaches are built at Bombardier's Görlitz plant in Germany. The bogies are manufactured at its site in Siegen, Germany, and the propulsion and control system is manufactured at its site in Västerås, Sweden.

Bombardier double-deck trains move millions of passengers on local and regional rail networks each day in countries including Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Israel and the United States.

Source Hugin Online

HONG KONG listed China Cosco Holdings has posted a loss of CNY10.5 billion (US$1.66 billion) in 2011, down 255 per cent year on year from a profit of CNY3.78 billion in 2010. Revenues were also down 12.3 per cent to CNY84.64 billion in 2011.

Looking ahead, the company said: "On one hand, weaker consumption in developed countries will slow growth of global trading volumes; on the other hand, overcapacity will remain unfavourable to the shipping market because of a large amount of newbuild vessels to be delivered."

The company's shipping line, Cosco Container Lines, and related businesses experienced a loss of CNY6.35 billion with a total throughput of 6.91 million TEU, up 11.2 per cent year on year. But the division's revenues were down 10.7 per cent to CNY41.4 billion.

But revenues for its domestic logistics division, comprising some forwarding and ship agency business, grew about 15 per cent to CNY17.74 billion from CNY15.21 billion in 2010, attributing to a profit of CNY626.5 million.

Its terminal operations, including all major Chinese ports, plus facilities in Greece, Suez Canal, Singapore and Antwerp, posted a profit of CNY492.7 million due to a growth in both throughput and revenues.

Regarding fleet development in 2011, six containerships with a total capacity of 69,458 TEU delivered, bringing the fleet to 157 operated containerships with a total capacity of 667,970 TEU and representing an increase of 8.8 per cent year on year. Thirty-two vessels were on the company order book, totalling 244,168 TEU at the end of 2011.

The company has 28 new vessels scheduled for delivery between 2012 and 2014. The company also expects to receive ten new 4,250-TEU ships and four chartered-in 13,000-TEU vessels this year. Cosco expects to carry 7.3 million TEU this year.

Said the company statement: "Over 80 per cent of the contracts of Pacific routes included terms for the separation of bunker surcharges and freight rates, while bunker surcharges and currency exchange surcharges of Europe Mediterranean routes were adjusted monthly."

The company said it "has raised freight rates seven times and introduced surcharges for Australia routes. Extra risk surcharges and war insurance premium were introduced to routes to Persian Gulf and other hazardous areas."

"More shipping capacity will be allocated to emerging markets and feeder routes to build up an extensive global service network and speed up the recovery of freight rates," the company said.

But it forecast the global demand for the container shipping will maintain steady growth. It quoted Clarkson's February report that the volume will increase 7.7 per cent in 2012, but it would be difficult for the growth rate of the container shipping volume on Pacific routes to exceed five per cent despite the recent partial recovery signal of the US economy, and the Europe-Asia routes will continue to be stagnant due to European debt crisis.

"Since the beginning of 2012, the freight rates of Europe-Asia routes and Pacific routes have been improved and the overall freight rates of in the container market are expected to recover to normal level. Yet, due to the intensifying political situation in Iran, bunker costs will further increase and the cargo shipping in this region will be hindered, and the risk of economy of emerging markets being impacted will increase," said the Cosco statement.

Source Shipping Gazette - Daily Shipping News

HONG KONG's Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) posted a 14 per cent year-on-year operating profit increase to HK$11.74 million (US$1.51 million) in 2011, drawn on revenues of HK$32.52 million, up 12 per cent.

Its total container throughput grew five per cent to 75.1 million TEU in 2011, in which Hutchison's European facilities account for 34 per cent of its total volumes to 25.5 million TEU, the largest share among HPH's worldwide port facilities.

HPH, the second biggest port operators in the world, behind Singapore's PSA, opened some additional facilities in Barcelona, Huizhou, Brisbane and Klang in the course of 2011.

Looking ahead, HPH said it will continue to open six new deepwater berths in 2012 to enhance the efficiency of handling containers, "including the first three of five berths in the first phrase of Terminal Catalunya's new Muelle Prat terminal in Barcelona, Spain" to serve southern Europe as well as Spain.

Also, its first of two berths at the new Huizhou International container Terminal in China and one additional berth in Westports Malaysia will be opened for service this year.

And in the fourth quarter of 2012, its green field port in Brisbane, Australia will start operation.

"In addition to the six new berths to be opened in 2012, nine berths are expected to come into operation in 2013, including two berths from the division's (HPH) green-field port in Sydney, Australia."

So far, HPH operates 315 berths in 52 ports worldwide, covering 26 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Americas and Australasia.

Of the future, Hutchison Whampoa chairman Li Ka-shing said: "A measure of uncertainty is expected to remain in 2012. Monetary tightening in the mainland (China), which has successfully curbed inflation, will slow the rate of growth in the short term but growth will continue to increase in the long term."

Source Shipping Gazette - Daily Shipping News

ASIA-EUROPE freight rates have once again risen after a brief hiatus over the past two weeks, as spot rates on the trade last week increased 21 per cent to US$1,660 per TEU, according to the latest data from the Shanghai Containerised Freight Index (SCFI).

Asia-Mediterranean rates were also up 19.8 per cent to $1,649 per TEU for the week, an increase of $273 per TEU.

Spot rates to the US west coast rose a marginal 0.5 per cent to $2,031 per FEU, while Asia-US east coast rates remained flat at $3,206 per FEU.

Across all trades covered by the index the SCFI rose 9.5 per cent to 1,347.50 points.

Source Shipping Gazette - Daily Shipping News

MANUFACTURED durable goods growth in the United States increased 2.2 per cent to US$211.8 billion in February due to rising demand for cars, computers and capital equipment, making the fourth month of increases in the last five.

"There exists pent-up demand for consumer durable goods, particularly for motor vehicles, and firms are profitable and need to spend more for both traditional and high-tech business equipment," said Daniel Meckstroth, chief economist of the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation chief economist.

Inventories increased for the 26th straight month up 0.4 per cent to $373.3 billion with storable durables the highest in 20 years when the government began collating inventory data. February sales was an improvement on January, however, when sales slowed four per cent.

In the month of February the shipment of durable goods fell for this first time in two months by 0.4 per cent to $206.6 billion with transportation of equipment down the most at 2.5 per cent year-over-year to $49.2 billion down.

Source Shipping Gazette - Daily Shipping News

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