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250 intro conveyer insideSichuan  Yadong  Cement  Co.  in  Pengzhou,  China,  has been relying on a 12.5 km overland conveyor from Beumer Group in order to convey limestone from  its  quarry  to  its  silo.  When  constructed  in  2009 it was the longest belt conveying system in Beumer history (Beumer installed a longer system in   2016).   The   troughed   belt   conveyor   runs   through  hilly  terrain  and  nature  reserves,  over  streams and unstable ground. The second project includes two additional overland conveyors, with an overall  length  of  13.7km,  transporting  limestone  to  the  cement  plant.  Unlike  the  first  project,  the  task  here  was  to  build  the  conveyor  across  inhabited  areas.  Noise  emission  limitations  set  forth  by  the  government  also  needed  to  be  considered.

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Whenever technically possible, the routing of the conveyor has been adapted to the topography

The  route  of  the  overland  conveyor  was  coordinated  between Beumer Group and the cement manufacturer. The system supplier calculated  the  tractive  forces  of  the  belt  considering  the  eight horizontal  curves  with  radii  of  1,000-5,000m.  The  routing  was checked for its feasibility on site. The complete route was checked by employees on foot, passing through rough terrain, in order to reliably check the predefined positions for the 460 supports for their suitability directly on site. Whenever technically possible, the routing of the conveyor was adapted to the topography. Height differences  of  up  to  100m  had  to  be  overcome within  shortest distances, so several sections were equipped with bridges of up to 55m. One section was realised with a 130m long tunnel.

Both overland conveyors have four horizontal curves with radii of 1,200, 1,500 and 1,800m. "We provided the engineering and the individual  parts  such  as  pulleys,  motors,  drive  and  control technology and the entire automation," says Dr. Echelmeyer. The installation was monitored by a Beumer Group supervisor and the wiring  of  the  system  was  supported  by  a  Beumer  electrical engineer.  The  system  supplier  was  also  in  charge  of  the commissioning in May 2016. The troughed belt conveyor is now supplying three kiln lines, with a fourth line planned.



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The magazine JŪRA has been published since 1935.
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