Schiphol behind the scenes: Multimedia bus tour provides a behind-the-scenes look

2012 04 12

Yesterday, Chief Commercial Officer of Schiphol Group Maarten de Groof and Lovers Company director Karel Lovers launched 'Schiphol behind the scenes': a multimedia bus tour that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the airport. This spectacular tour gives access to places at the airport that visitors would not normally see, such as the fire service, the snow clearance fleet, the cargo aprons with their large hangars, and the terminal for private jets. Even the old air traffic control tower has been included. The tour has been specially designed for young and old, day-trippers, tourists and passengers arriving or transferring at Schiphol.  

About Schiphol behind the scenes
When boarding the bus, passengers are made to feel that they are entering an aircraft thanks to sounds from the air traffic control tower, the welcome screens and their boarding passes. A video presentation then takes visitors through Schiphol operations, explaining everything that needs to be done to allow air traffic to run at Schiphol. This includes information on the terminal, the runways, flight paths, runway maintenance, baggage and the bird control units.
Past anecdotes also feature regularly, such as the fact that the first flight in 1916 was a military flight, that cargo was also transported during the first passenger flight in 1920, and that there are three different theories on the origin of the name 'Schiphol'.
In short, Schiphol behind the scenes is much more than just a guided tour: it is a way to experience the dynamic nature of the airport.

Schiphol behind the scenes - itinerary
Schiphol behind the scenes starts and ends at Schiphol Plaza, and takes just over an hour. The tour goes past the take-off and landing area towards Schiphol East, along the old air traffic control tower, passes the aircraft hangars, continues on to the snow clearance fleet and fire service post in Sloten, and from there returns to Schiphol Plaza.   

Tickets and prices
For the tour schedule and ticket sales, please visit can also be purchased at the airport, in the Arrivals hall or beyond passport control at Holland Boulevard between piers E and F. Adults pay €15, children aged 4-12 €7.50. A 10% discount applies to tickets purchased online.   

Source Hugin Online

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