HDPE Work Boats – the solution for the Marine & Oil and Gas Market

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The oil and gas industry requires strong, durable work boats with a long serviceable life. Marsol International Limited have access to a family of workboats made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a material known for its versatile strength and long-lasting durability, which are ideally suited to the harsh working conditions of the offshore environment.

Marsol International, a Dubai-based global marine solutions provider focused on the offshore oil terminal market and related infrastructure, have been working with HDPE boat manufacturers to provide a range of workboats that offer specific advantages over the semi inflatable boats currently being used in the offshore industry.

The HDPE boats currently available from Marsol include RHB 600 range, RHB 750 range, RHB 850 range, RHB 950 range and the RHB 1050. These models cover most requirements however, specific requirements can be easily accommodated thanks to the versatility of HDPE fabrication.

Working with naval architects, the hulls have been designed to be highly efficient. HDPE provides strong abrasion resistance while being ultraviolet (UV) stable and chemical resistant. It has been tested and proven in harsh offshore conditions to create these heavy-duty and highly resilient workboats.

Of course operating boats in adverse weather conditions and harsh environments, means that damage to the hulls will occur no matter how robust the construction material. However, one of the significant advantages of HDPE is that, when damaged, it can be easily repaired by semi-skilled personnel.

Francois Coetzer (Business Development Manager) – Marsol International “Based on experience, we believe our HDPE boats have the capacity to outlast conventional rigid inflatable boats, thanks to the heavy duty and robust strength of the material”.

Marsol’s HDPE boats are available for rental, if CAPEX is a limiting factor the end user, or for purchase as part of the client’s asset replacement plans.

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