Welcoming the newest members of Pangea Group of Logistics Networks

2017 05 24

Pangea and Connecta Networks already have more than 300 members among their ranks of freight forwarders looking to the future. All member companies forming part of the networks collaborate to increase their profits and maintain their independence in a market increasingly controlled by large multinational companies. In this way, small and medium sized cargo agents can survive the tough market conditions and avoid being absorbed by a multinational or forced to leave their business activity, while gaining customers and business opportunities.

This increase in opportunities and benefits is due to the high profile the Members share and the networking tools they have at their disposal. A powerful intranet connects all members, making possible a smooth communication and an exchange of knowledge and business opportunities. As Sarah Bidmead, Network Manager, stated, "It's a lot easier for members to engage in our network platform thanks to the intranet features available, such as the recently launched Internal Messages Center to help members effectively communicate in their day to day requests of quotations and shipment follow ups, for sharing leads, for pre and post meeting arrangements, etc. "

On the other hand, all the members of Pangea and Conecta are invited to a meeting celebrated every year, named as Freightcamp. To meet personally, to carry out joint activities and to have the opportunity to hold one-to-one meetings fosters the growth of all partners and the creation of stable and lasting business relationships. An unbeatable environment, a careful preparation and a complete 3-day program are the perfect conditions to meet colleagues in the sector and to establish contacts, conversations and new business opportunities.

For this reason, and for many others, the number of members of the group continues to increase. The newest member of the Pangea Logistics Network is Malaysian Max Freight Forwarders, a SFFLA (Selangor Freight Forwarders & Logistics Association) associated member, operating from Klang since the year 2000. The latest Connecta Airfreight Network member that joined the group is AKTIS SHIPPING & FORWARDING LTD. This company is the first member of Connecta in Greece. This is an IATA certified cargo agency from Athens that has been operating since 1988.

However, these are not the only new members with which the networks count. The group has recently received new members from countries as diverse as Germany, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Algeria. All of them already enjoy all the advantages of belonging to this group that brings together independent logistics companies around the world, offering them the means to collaborate and opportunities to expand their benefits. Independent logistics companies mustn't lose their autonomy, but they can participate in a larger organization together with their colleagues to continue to carry out their commercial activity in the best possible way.

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