Vilsund Blue pursues commitment to sustainable fishing with a second certified mussel fishery

2012 03 26

The Vilsund Blues East Jutland Blue mussel fishery has been certified against the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) [1] environmental standard for sustainable fishing, thereby proving its activities to be sustainable and well-managed. This is the second fishery to become certified as part of the Danish company’s continuous commitment to sustainable fishing. The products from the fishery will now be eligible to carry the internationally recognized, blue MSC ecolabel, which helps consumers make sustainable choices in stores.  

Commitment to sustainable fishing practices

To successfully complete the rigorous third-party assessment, the fishery had to demonstrate healthy mussel stocks, sustainable ecosystem impacts, and an effective fisheries management system. The independent team of expert scientists did not identify any significant weaknesses but set two conditions, namely to produce a research plan and to continue to provide information for adequate monitoring of the stock.

About the fishery
The certified blue mussel dredge fishery operates in the southern Kattegat year-round. Vilsund Blue undertakes self-management of the fishery, voluntarily harvesting less than the quota allows. Last year the company harvested only 3100 MT out of a quota set at 23 000 MT, and the mussels were then sold preserved, fresh or frozen, mostly to markets in mainland Europe

The fishery is managed at a national level by the Danish Commission of Commercial Fisheries with members from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries/ Fisheries directorate, as well as local councils.

Vilsund Blue says
“We are happy that our effort to be and to remain sustainable now is something we proudly can announce loud and clear,” says Mr Sören Mattesen, Vilsund Blue.

Demonstrated commitment
“Vilsund Blue is continuing to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable fishing practices through the MSC certification of this blue shell mussel fishery. We are very happy about its staunch support of the MSC programme and look much forward to seeing MSC-labelled mussels from this fishery on the market”, says Minna Epps, Manager Baltic Sea Region, MSC.

Source MSC

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