First LNG electric barge takes to the water

2012 03 09

Interstream Barging will take the first petrol-free LNG Greenstream tanker in use at the end of 2012.

This inland shipping innovation has been developed by Peters Shipyards and was built entirely in the Netherlands. The LNG Greenstream tanker is the first ship to run exclusively on LNG, Liquid Natural Gas, which is converted into electricity for propulsion.

Pieter Peeters, CEO of Interstream Barging, said:

"The LNG Greenstream tanker is a ship entirely driven by electricity and represents an enormous step forward for the inland shipping industry in the fields of sustainability, security and efficiency. It is in fact a completely new look for inland shipping. The joint development of the LNG Greenstream tanker started some two years ago. We wanted to give firm innovative impetus, as there is much at stake. The trend nowadays is to reward cleaner ships for their efforts, as demonstrated for example by the reduction of port fees, giving an important boost to the development of LNG. With the LNG Greenstream tanker we have skipped the 'dual fuel' step for an entirely LNG-electric operated ship.”

Recently the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) authorised for the first time the exploitation, up to 30 June 2017, of a tanker running solely on LNG - namely the Argonon, owned by Deen Shipping. The CCNR asserts in its recommendation that other inland barges running on LNG will soon become operational. In recent months the CCNR Working Party on Inspection Regulations has carried out a thorough study into the specific risks of LNG as a fuel and into the huge progress that its "clean" technology offers. The CCNR, in close co-operation with shipping businesses, the shipbuilding industry and the classification agencies, has wants to stimulate the development of LNG in inland shipping, but without any negative impact on security and good traffic handling.

Source INE

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