Agreement guarantees single set of standards for all employees at all sites worldwide

2012 03 07

The MAN SE Executive Board, the MAN SE Works Council, and the International Metalworkers' Federation (IMF) have signed a Joint Declaration on Human Rights and Working Conditions in the MAN Group. In it, they profess their support for basic human rights and employee rights. The Agreement aims to create a reliable set of minimum standards that all MAN employees worldwide can refer to while also laying the ethical foundation for the actions of the Company and its employees.

Commenting on this move, MAN SE CHRO Jörg Schwitalla said: "A company can only succeed if it shares values and has a culture of mutual respect. With this Agreement, we are anchoring socially responsible conduct in corporate culture and leadership as well as providing the workforce with the necessary support for its actions."

IG Metall Chairman and IMF President Berthold Huber backed this, saying: "The Agreement stands for the joint interest in social values in the industry and the need for regulation in the interests of the workforce, not just in Germany, but all over the world. In a globalized economy, the rights of employees have to be respected everywhere. We are taking a concrete step toward this today."

Jürgen Dorn, Chairman of the MAN Groups Work Council, added: "The International Framework Agreement enables colleagues and those representing their interests around the world to champion further improvements in their working conditions themselves. It is only through ideal working conditions and mutual recognition that sustainable financial success can be achieved and guaranteed for the benefit of the workforce and the Company."

The Group's Management and the employee representatives of MAN have been debating the Agreement since last year. Both parties agree that social responsibility and the ability to compete are mutually dependent. The principles now agreed are based on the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) but also take their own approach. The declaration is intended to reflect different cultures and the diversity of moral concepts in society. The Group's Management will now report on implementation of the principles regularly every year and debate it with the parties to the Agreement.

Source MAN SE

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