Chilean Seafood Makes Waves in Europe

2024 04 18

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A meeting between Lithuanian and Chilean aquaculture business representatives took place in Klaipėda on April 17. From April 17 to 25, the General Directorate of Export Promotion "ProChile" at the Embassy of the Republic of Chile in Poland organized a business mission for Chilean aquaculture exporters titled "European Marine Products Route 2024: Lithuania, Poland, Turkey". The inaugural event of this mission occurred in Klaipėda, Lithuania, in collaboration with the international business and science magazine JŪRA MEER SEA and in partnership with the Embassy of Chile. The Klaipėda Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Crafts also participated as an event partner.

Katarzyna Kazmierska, director of the General Directorate of Export Promotion "ProChile," outlined the objectives of the business mission in Lithuania and other European countries. She highlighted Chile's extensive 6,435 km coastline, pristine waters, and diverse marine resources of exceptional nutritional value. The cold waters of the South Pacific provide abundant resources for aquaculture, industrial fishing, and related activities.

In 2022, Chile's exports of fishery and aquaculture products totaled $8,826 million USD, marking a 24.7% increase from previous years. Key products included salmon and trout, fish meal, mackerel, mussels, fish oil, and algae. North America, particularly the US, led as the primary market, followed by Asia with Japan as a major recipient, and South America with Brazil as a significant destination.

European exports in 2022 reached $1,079 million USD, a 12.5% increase from 2021, with Poland standing out as the ninth-largest destination, importing goods worth $33 million USD.

Today, Chile is a global leader in exporting frozen salmon and trout fillets, as well as Atlantic mackerel and mussels.

The Chilean industry adheres to strict regulatory standards encompassing sustainability, quotas, traceability, certification, ongoing research, and world-class sanitation standards.

Industrial fishing prioritizes sustainability, with twelve sectors certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Marin Trust. Chile also pursues clean production initiatives, including energy efficiency, waste reduction, plastic recycling, coastal and seabed clean-ups, fishing season closures, and voluntary closures based on monitoring data to combat illegal fishing.

Zita Tallat-Kelpšaitė, publisher of JŪRA MEER SEA magazine, noted that cooperation with the Embassy of Chile commenced last year, featuring "ProChile" information on the magazine's portal and an article that garnered significant interest in this year's first issue.

While Chilean exporters have long collaborated with Lithuanian importers, new entrants seek to tap into a market where high-quality seafood production enjoys popularity and recognition.

Four Chilean seafood exporting companies—Granja Marina Tornagaleones SA, Inversiones Los Alerces SPA, Multi X.S.A, and ST. Andrews Smoky Delicacies—explored opportunities for Chilean aquaculture business development and investment in Lithuania during bilateral (B2B) meetings with Lithuanian importers.

Interested companies such as OJ Partners, Lestena, Gonas, Akvavitus, ICECO Fish, Nurminen Maritime, and Mikata discussed prospects for cooperation. Ten participants representing these companies expressed satisfaction with the outcomes and foresee further collaboration.

The second mission meeting is scheduled for April 19 in the Polish port city of Gdańsk, where Chilean exporters engage potential importers and supply chain stakeholders. Concurrently, another group of mission participants will meet Turkish importers and the Ambassador of the Republic of Chile in Turkey in Istanbul.

From April 22 to 25, a significant contingent of Chilean aquaculture businesses will participate in the international exhibition "Seafood Expo Global 2024" in Barcelona, Spain. Several Lithuanian companies will also attend this exhibition.

Photos from the meeting in Klaipėda are available on JŪRA MEER SEA's website.

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