Destination: ports and offshore wind energy! Transport Week 2024 – when, where and why is it worth being there?

2024 02 10

Current challenges and trends in the maritime transport sector, ESG strategy, presentations of the most interesting investments in ports and terminals and the development of offshore wind energy – these are the main topics of the upcoming 13th edition of the international Transport Week conference. The event organized by Actia Forum will take place on March 12-13, 2024 in Gdynia, Poland. The 1st edition of the BPO Offshore Wind Conference organized in cooperation with the Baltic Ports Organization will be this year’s novelty.

For over a decade, the Transport Week conference has been bringing participants closer to the most current and important topics related to transport, logistics and the port industry. This time, international experts will discuss issues that shape the current face of these sectors, from latest trends, through market analysis, to infrastructure development.

Transport Week 2024 is also associated with the premiere of the BPO Offshore Wind Conference, organized in cooperation with the Baltic Ports Organization, which already brings together over 50 members representing the most significant ports and stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). The event will provide participants with an insight into the role of ports in offshore wind development projects.

Day 1: Market, trends, investments and ESG – what awaits the maritime transport industry?

Trends determining the further development of the transport industry in Europe, i.e. digitalization, automation, demographic changes, human resources needs and zero-emission goals – these issues will be included in the opening debate of the conference.

Transport Week has been associated with the maritime transport industry for a long time and for a good reason. Invited experts will discuss what role the European transport sector can play in shaping EU policy in the next decade.

Port investments in the BSR have been gaining momentum recently, which is why the conference program included ambitious, complex infrastructure projects and justification for their implementation. The issue of financing port projects from the perspective of institutions providing funds for these purposes will also be discussed.

The culmination of the first day will be the future of ESG (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance) – issues of standardization in reporting and impact measurement, the main pillars of an ESG strategy adapted to securing financing for future investments and the development of an effective ESG strategy in the context of the Baltic maritime sector.

After the official part filled with substantive sessions, there will be an evening cocktail, a good opportunity for less formal conversations and networking.

Day 2: Wind turbines at sea, which means BPO Offshore Wind Conference

Offshore wind energy is one of the leading topics in the industry. For this reason, the Baltic Ports Organization decided to take a closer look at this issue. The second day will be devoted to the opportunities and challenges that Baltic ports face in this respect. The points discussed will include current projects in the BSR and the possibilities of achieving EU and Baltic targets for offshore wind energy capacity for 2030.

Important topics of discussion will also include the logistic chain of the construction of offshore wind farms, the development of offshore wind energy in the context of the port spatial development plan and the offshore strategy of the port sector for BSR in the light of current challenges: growing demand, infrastructure deficiencies, rapid technological progress and ship shortages.

Maritime security

Once again, we are joining forces with the biweekly "Namiary na Morze i Handel", whose representatives will explore the issue of maritime security for ports, shipping and logistics during an event accompanying the first day of the conference. Discussion topics will include: maritime cybersecurity challenges, as well as the implementation of the NIS 2 directive in the maritime sector. Finally, participants will test their knowledge during a strategic game in the field of cybersecurity.

Destination – Gdynia!

For years, Gdynia has been the host city of the Transport Week conference. The city of the sea and dreams became an excellent background to discuss topics shaping the face of the industry in the region and beyond.

Registration is open, so we encourage you to sign up and stay up to date with information available on the event website, in our newsletter and on our LinkedIn channel.

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