COAST Autonomous and Nexxiot Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Port and Rail Yard Operations

2023 11 17

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Pasadena, CA, and Zurich, Switzerland - November 14th, 2023 – COAST Autonomous, Inc. (COAST), a leader in AI and Autonomous Systems for industrial applications, and Nexxiot, a leader of Asset Intelligence solutions, have entered into a strategic partnership to improve efficiency,  security, and safety in logistics operations.

This partnership unites COAST's award-winning autonomous technology with Nexxiot's expertise in digitalizing shipping containers and railcars to optimize Port and Rail Yard operations.

COAST deploys fleets of self-driving vehicles to solve industrial use cases, such as transporting crews, delivering equipment and supplies, and moving shipping containers.  COAST has developed the Harvester (pictured) from the ground-up to deliver real-time, location-accurate inventories of shipping containers, trailers and automobiles.  The Harvester also serves as an invaluable force multiplier to enhance around-the-clock security for industrial and sensitive locations by monitoring fence lines and identifying intruders.  COAST’s proprietary Autonomous Systems include mapping, robotics, AI, fleet management, and supervision - all designed with safety as a priority.

Nexxiot, known for its digitalization of shipping container and railcar asset fleets, offers a network of self-powered sensors and analytics that provide essential insights into supply chain operations. Integrating data from Nexxiot’s intermodal and rail assets with COAST vehicles, is set to dramatically improve visibility in ports and rail yards. The partnership will deliver commercial benefits to multiple stakeholders in the logistics industry, by enhancing real-time data fusion.

Stefan Kalmund, CEO of Nexxiot, explained, "We are combining data streams in innovative ways. For instance, sensors can automatically request a COAST vehicle in response to an unexpected opening, providing real-time video data for inspection. We will also use the partnership to offer precise location services to large ports and terminals, including the confirmation of rail car locations and container positions within stacks."

“We have a range of autonomous vehicles performing a variety of mission critical use cases at industrial locations across the US”, said David M. Hickey, Chairman and CEO of COAST.  “It makes perfect sense for the Harvester to fuse data from the Nexxiot sensors to identify railcars and specific containers even when stacked.  It also makes sense for the Harvester to operate missions seamlessly when requested by Nexxiot to locate a container or railcar and transmit real-time images and location details to the customer.  This functionality will allow our customers to inspect assets remotely from the safety of their facilities.  We are thrilled to work with Nexxiot and believe this is the beginning of an exciting partnership to provide end-to-end visibility of assets for shipping and rail clients.”

The collaboration between COAST and Nexxiot also aims to improve the efficiency, safety, and security of Port and Rail Yard operations and offer faster handling and high-quality cargo processing to the benefit of the broader logistics industry.

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