WOF Events: Building Bridges & Tackling Intermodality Challenges at WOF & BUD Cargo Forum

2023 08 21

scheduled on 27th September

The CEE region holds immense potential as a crucial hub for international trade and transportation. The need for modernizing and expanding transportation networks in the region is unquestionable. This may involve upgrading existing and building new connections to accommodate larger volumes of goods and ensure efficient movement across borders.

What are the seamless transfer mechanisms that minimize delays and ensure smooth operations?

Container Compatibility, Infrastructure Misalignment, Administrative and Regulatory Barriers, and other challenges should be identified and discussed in order to find practical solutions. Problem-solving requires collaboration among stakeholders, including transport operators, infrastructure providers, policymakers, and industry associations.

By developing integrated transport networks, harmonizing standards and regulations, and leveraging technology for enhanced information sharing and coordination, overcoming these challenges and achieving a more efficient and effective intermodal transportation system is possible.

Through real-world examples and practical discussions with profound professionals from Rail Cargo Group, Baltic Hub Container Terminal, East West Intermodal Logistics, and Lenovo, led by a consultant from Pannonia Insitute, we aim to inspire the audience with innovative solutions and collaborative approaches that promote intermodal logistics in the CEE region.


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Supported by a clear geographical advantage, Vienna Airport has positioned itself as a gateway to CEE and the Middle East. The distinguishing factors for Vienna Airport include an extensive offering of 179 destinations in 67 countries as well as high service quality through short connecting times and high punctuality.
The cargo facilities at Vienna Airport have direct and central access to the apron and almost direct access to the A4 motorway enabling a rapid turnover of goods for all parties involved. Vienna (Austria) Pharma Logistics provides state-of-the-art facilities and refrigerated handling services for temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipments.



Cargo and Mail Bureau at LOT Polish Airlines was established in 1995l. LOT Cargo can deliver goods to every part of the world. They offer transport of standard cargo, special cargo, dangerous goods, charter flights on Client's request and Road Feeder Service (RFS). Those charters can carry goods up to 120 tons and range up to 12 000 kilometers.
LOT Polish Airlines fleet, which is also LOT Cargo fleet, is one of the most modern in the world and our pilots are very qualified and experienced.



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Supply Chain Monitor, Hungary's leading supply chain magazine since 2005 is the most known and well-known publication in the country specializing in manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain. Supply Chain Monitor has been available only in digital version since April 2020 and sent out in a newsletter to more than 8,500 readers in Hungary but also can be downloaded on their website.

Source, WOF & BUD Cargo Team


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The magazine JŪRA has been published since 1935.
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