Northvolt AB IPO and Takeover is comming

2023 01 30

The global expansion with a focus on international markets has opened doors to promising business relationships for Northvolt AB far beyond Europe's borders.

Northvolt AB is a Swedish company that develops and produces lithium-ion batteries for electric cars and energy storage. In addition, the focus of the operational business is on production. These priorities were carefully identified by the management years ago and are increasingly developing into profitable assets that have significantly enhanced the value of the Group as a whole in recent years. After several "global players" signed up to collaborate with Northvolt AB, there was contact with a US company a few weeks ago that has expressed its interest in acquiring the Swedish company. In the meantime, these talks have now deepened and it looks as if the American major investor wants to quickly implement its plan. For this reason, a clearly defined takeover offer was submitted to the Swedish management. It is now up to the Board of Directors to decide on this. They have made the following statement: "There are serious discussions between us and a well-known company from the USA that wants to announce the merger of the two companies as soon as possible. The takeover price alone will determine whether and how quickly the deal can be closed."

The planned merger is expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter, then this will mean a guaranteed jump in the price of Northvolt AB's shares, which is likely to bring significant gains to shareholders, as the takeover candidate will need a majority of shares. On the other hand, the American company could make an offer to the shareholders to buy their pre-IPO securities. Only an attractive purchase price, which will be well above the pre-IPO subscription price, is a strong enough argument for shareholders to surrender their share certificates before the initial listing. In any case, all those who have stocked up on pre-IPO shares of the Swedish issuer in good time will earn a lucrative share in this "big deal". There's still plenty of opportunity to participate in the financial and economic success of Northvolt AB.

Source, EQS Group


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