World Maritime Day 2020: Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet

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On the occasion of the World Maritime Day 2020, INTERCARGO joins the IMO and the shipping industry in promoting “Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet”.

International shipping is vital for the prosperity of people all over the world as it transports approximately 90%  of  world  trade. The dry  bulk  sector  is  the  largest  shipping  sector  in  terms  of  number  of  ships  and  deadweight. Dry bulk carriers account for 43% of the world fleet (in tonnage) and sail an estimated 55% of the global transport work. They are the workhorses of international shipping, as they serve essential needs, such as food and energy supply.

Seafarers  are  the  true  “heart”  of  global  shipping  offering  absolutely  essential  services  as  demonstrated  especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Crew Change humanitarian crisis is unfortunately ongoing. Seafarers are stranded at sea and all Governments have to formally designate seafarers and other marine personnel as "key workers",  so that seafarers can be relieved on completion of their tour of duty without getting fatigued.

Bulk carriers employ over 350,000 seafarers annually, our sector providing continuous and well-paid jobs to hundreds of thousands of talented and committed employees, and a significant income to households in areas with high rates of unemployment.

Dry bulk shipping is necessary for maintaining and enhancing living standards in both developed and less-developed  economies. At  INTERCARGO  we  are  proud  that  our  sector  is achieving environmentaland operational  excellence  and  that  it  contributes  substantially  towards  meeting  the  UN  Sustainable  Development Goals: you are invited to view and share our videoDry Bulk Shipping: Sustainably serving the world’s essential needs.



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The magazine JŪRA has been published since 1935.
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