It‘s a true coincidence that I sat down to write the Publisher‘s Word for this year’s last issue of the magazine namely on 9 November.

Thirty years have passed since the day of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. The world celebrated this anniversary remembering all the smallest details of the great breakthrough, as well as the dead and living heroes, who spent more than five decades tirelessly fighting the monster of the Cold War, which divided the city and the world into the East and the West, separating families, the nation, culture and dreams. The press was loaded with stories of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Lithuanian Maritime Academy, which celebrated its 70th anniversary last year, has overcome several stages of its development. What is the seamen’s Alma Mater like today?

We discussed this with Rima MICKIENĖ, Deputy Director for Academic Purposes at LMA.

Rima Mickienė, Deputy Director for Academic Purposes of the Lithuanian Maritime Academy, has been working at this institution for 27 years. Her career began as an IT lab assistant and continues as the Deputy Director for Academic Purposes. Her education in mathematics, information technology and education management in the field of educational sciences was acquired at Vilnius Pedagogical University and Klaipėda University. Currently she is studying for a Doctor’s degree in Economics at Mykolas Romeris University. Rima Mickienė is an organiser of international scientific conferences, internships and projects, 
and a co-author of 27 academic publications and 5 textbooks.

The 23rd transport and logistics exhibition and conference, which took place at the end of September in Almaty (Kazakhstan), attracted nearly 2 thousand visitors from 33 countries.


This international fair is regarded as the most important transport and logistics event in Central Asia.


What are the goals of the participants, introducing their companies at events, which have been taking place in Kazakhstan for three decades?


27 per cent of the respondents at the exhibition said that they hope to find new partners and clients.

Zita Tallat-Kelpšaitė


One year until EXPO 2020, the United Arab Emirates hosted a joyous, colourful and bustling feast.


Posters with ‘1 Year to Go’ invited people to celebrate in all seven of the Emirates.


20:20 on 20 October marked exactly one year until the opening of the world EXPO 2020, which will take place in Dubai.


One year to go

Jolė Jūraitė


This year the world commemorated the 500th death anniversary of the great genius Leonardo da Vinci. Although it has been half a century since the untiring creator of art, science and military strategies walked this Earth, his restless spirit is as thriving and passionate in the studios of the modern-day artists, inspiring them to take a new look at the genius’ works, study them, interpret them and strive for ingenious perfection.

Peter Greenaway


A surprise – da Vinci is regarded as the optimistic, pacific, reflective, jubilant celebrator of Mankind in the Arts and Sciences. For eight years – 1499 to 1507 – perhaps he indeed was not. A dark heavy cloud passed over his celebratory genius. In that time he could be considered to be a war mongering mercenary, paid generous salaries and given excessive patronage devising and inventing and manufacturing instruments and machineries of war and destruction. His motivations could be based on personal ideas of revenge and a dissatisfaction with his own talents and abilities, and an angry aversion to the unlimited violence around him in Italy in the late fourteen hundreds and early fifteen hundreds.


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