The Silk Road, digitisation, decarbonisation, diversification, green shipping, sustainable, smart, innovative, blue and green economics, alternative technology, clean future, ecology, environmental protection and saving – these are the most popular keywords at international event agendas today.

As a logistics hub and the ‘gateway to the east’, the Central German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt wants to shape the multimodal transport movements in the hinterland of the ports of Germany on a sustainable basis. The Hafenhinterland Conference, which takes place in Saxony-Anhalt on 6–7 September 2018, is set to address this topic with the title of ‘Multimodal Logistics Hub Saxony-Anhalt’. 
In an interview, Thomas WEBEL, Minister for Regional Development and Transport in Saxony-Anhalt, discusses the strengths and the potential of the region, as well as the challenges for the future.

The intensive and interesting season of autumn events starts already on the first days of September. 

The beginning is marked on 4–7 September with the huge SMM fair of maritime industry, organised every two years by Hamburg Messe, featuring 2200 participants and more than 50 000 visitors from all over the world. On 5 September Finnish Waterway Association invites to a seminar-cruise on Saimaa Canal. On 6–7 September representatives of the Baltic ports will gather to the annual BPO conference, hosted in Szczecin, Poland. During the same days Kaliningrad is hosting the International Baltic Transport Forum, and the interested experts of logistics will gather to Dessau-Rosslau (Germany) to discuss the perspectives of the Saxony-Anhalt Logistics Centre. Then, a few days later, on 18–20 September, the transport and logistics representatives will meet at the traditional TransKazakhstan exhibition, which takes place in Almaty this year. On 25–27 September the action returns from Asia to Europe with the 2nd Baltic Sea Ports & Shipping 2018 conference, taking place in the Latvian capital of Riga, organised by Transportevents. On 26–27 the attention focuses on the Trans Baltica 2018 international conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and on 26–28 – the international Baltic Sea transport forum and TransExpo exhibition in Odesa, Ukraine.

According to the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications, the results of the first half of the year show a successful growth of the country’s transport sector. 
‘The tendencies are optimistic – Lithuanian transport companies do increasingly better in establishing their positions in the EU and CIS markets showing advanced activity and long-term strategies. State companies – Lithuanian railways, airports and Klaipėda seaport – show rapidly growing results as well, and these are one of the best achievements in the Baltic States,’ says Rokas Masiulis, Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania.

Vilius Juzikis 
Management Board Member at SEB Bank, Director of Corporate Banking Division


Vilius Juzikis started his career at SEB Bank as an Assistant Client Manager at the Corporate Banking Division. During this time he also led the SEB Lizingas company and the process of its integration into the Bank. Later he joined the group’s Credit Division in Sweden and then led the Credit Division in Lithuania for four years. As of spring 2017 V. Juzikis is the Director of the Corporate Banking Division and Management Board Member at SEB Bank.
‘Vilius Juzikis has been working in various positions at SEB Bank Corporate Baking and Credits for the last seventeen years and is valued for his in-depth knowledge of business, the ability to develop and maintain corporate relations with business clients and strong leadership skills.’ says Raimondas Kvedaras, Board Chairman and President of SEB Bank.
The insights, offered by Vilius Juzikis, Master of Economy and Banking, on the topics of commerce, shipping, ports, logistics and road transport of are now presented to the readers of JŪRA MOPE SEA.

By Tim Alexandrin


• 667 exhibitors and more than 26,300 visitors
• Digitisation and China’s Silk Road initiative create new opportunities
• More than 40 conference sessions hit hot topics

On 31 May and 1 June, the European port industry gathered in Rotterdam for the 15th edition of the ESPO annual conference with nearly 300 participants.


Eamonn O’Reilly,

Chairman of the European Sea Ports Organisation


The development of the Single European Market required the elimination of a range of barriers to trade. Nowhere is this more evident than in Europe’s seaports where the work to create a level playing pitch has been a project of decades. In recent years, however, there has been a range of inter-related EU policy initiatives which have largely created the level playing pitch in the port sector. As a result, seaports are now in the position to fully realise their potential and maximise their contribution to the prosperity of people and communities throughout the EU.

Zita Tallat-Kelpšaitė


What drew me first was the Artist’s paintings. Colourful. Romantic. Ironic. Sarcastic. Shocking. And sad.
Then I met the Artist himself. Intellectual. Intelligent. Eccentric. Arrogant. Egoistic. And very fragile.
Then I asked to become his pupil.
‘What do you want to paint?’ he asked.
‘A lonely tree in the desert,’ I answered. ‘I have a strange life story.’
He gave me a canvas, some paint, a paintbrush, poured a glass of red wine and left me alone, closing the door of the studio behind him.
‘You don’t need a teacher. Just keep painting.’ he said after a couple of lessons.
A Lonely Tree in the Desert rooted in my office and looking at it every day I think that perhaps that story is not mine, but the Maestro’s life story.
I’ve put the conversation about life with the Maestro on a hundred of canvases. Perhaps he’ll want to paint these paintings some day.
What I’ve got in my hands this time is not a paintbrush, but a quill. Or, should I better say, a keyboard. 
100 Drops of Life is a story of a human life from birth to death, told in a hundred of words...


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