The yellow in the tricolor flag of Lithuania symbolizes the sun and the never-ending pursuit of light. We hope that the rays of Lithuanian enthusiasm focused on the future will reach you in Astana. We have much to share: big ambitions, significant breakthroughs, great knowledge.

A few years ago, Lithuania was still dependent on a single energy supplier. We found the strength to change the situation and to become an energy independent state. Today it is we who decide what kind of energy to buy and use, and who to sell it to.

We are now moving fast forward towards innovations that will allow to save resources more effectively, protect the environment and deliver the best to our consumers. We are focused on attaining a breakthrough in cutting-edge technologies. We are on the way to success. 

We are very proud of our globally recognized achievements in laser research and development. It will be laser lights that will guide you through the Lithuanian pavilion at EXPO 2017 – helping you to discover and make friends with Lithuania.


We are looking forward to your visit!

The theme, chosen for the Lithuanian pavilion this year is the slightly paraphrased theme of the EXPO 2017 – The Rays of Future Energy from Lithuania.


The design of the pavilion is based on the motif of lasers


The 530 sq. m Lithuanian pavilion was established in a futuristic complex, built especially for the exhibition, in the neighbourhood of the pavilions of Italy, the United Kingdom, Finland, Hungary, Switzerland and other European countries. The project for this year‘s image of the Lithuanian pavilion was selected from nine candidates and is based on lasers. What made the project original and attractive, was the opportunity to introduce all kinds of innovations not only in the field of energy, but other areas as well. Lasers are something Lithuania can be proud of, because our scientists develop and produce one tenth of the scientific lasers used all over the world

What does Lithuania mean to you? What is your connection? What place does it take in your heart and life?


How long have you been in the position of an Honorary Consul of Lithuania?


Why did you become an Honorary Consul of Lithuania? What does this position mean to you? Who encouraged you to take this public position, which requires so much personal time, efforts and, perhaps, even finances?

At EXPO 2017, which will take place in Astana – the capital of Kazakhstan – from 10 June to 10 September, and explore the topic of Future Energy, Lithuania will invite the visitors to get to know the country’s energy strategy and innovations at the pavilion of Rays of the Future Energy from Lithuania.


We discussed the rays of energy that Lithuania started sharing with the world, as well as the current and future energy strategy with Dalius MISIŪNAS, President of the National Energy Association of Lithuania (NLEA).

Laser industry is the pride and joy of the Lithuanian economy


Ask a Lithuanian what makes him or her proud about their country, and you will see confusion, grasping for straws, like “most beautiful girls in the world”, “our basketball team”, “lovely nature”, “rye bread”, and then, if you are in luck, their eyes will light up and you’ll get an answer you did not and could not expect: lasers. Lasers? Yep. In Lithuania, they are a source of a considerable pride and are often presented as a success story and a role model for high-tech industries. How did it happen that a small country without obvious reasons to succeed in a knowledge-intense field of lasers and laser applications has become a player equal with the laser industry giants from the USA, Germany, France and other developed countries?

The rapid growth of the Lithuanian liquefied natural gas (LNG) cluster and projects show that the establishment of this business cooperation platform was a hit straight into the bullseye.


Despite its title, the format of the cluster sounds more international than national both for its ability to attract reliable foreign partners and active cooperation in developing a network of business partnership, which includes the entire region of the Baltic Sea.

The Port of Klaipėda is known as one of the most environmentally friendly ports in Europe – about 80 % of the cargo comes here by railways. Continuous investments into the infrastructure stimulate the implementation of modern technology, which keeps raising the bar on environmental performance.

By Heshaam Hague and Simon Ansel, has conducted a study of the greenest citizens in the world. The report looked at a number of factors including green energy, energy consumption, air pollution and more. Some interesting results included:

Gediminas Gelgotas, a young Lithuanian musician and composer, and his mobile, modern, dashing, stylish and bold experimental ensemble of young professional string players, performing both classical and modern music, combined with special staging, have found their place in the music world rather quickly. The ensemble, titled the New Ideas Chamber Orchestra, has already gained European appreciation as a promoter of refined audio and visual aesthetics. The chamber orchestra, speaking in the universal musical language, is boldly conquering the American, Asian and other continents with its new ideas.

Scientific achievements, as well as modern technology and innovations change not only people‘s daily lives, habits and lifestyles.  The technological revolution is vigorously penetrating art and even such a conservative (as it would seem) field as painting.


Classic oil painting and modern reality-altering technologies make a combination, which both surprises and raises internal conflict. How is it possible that the realm of painting, based on intuition and subconscious reflections, can combine both the creative freedom of the artist and its vitality with pre-programmed media, making radical changes in the understanding of reality?


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The magazine JŪRA has been published since 1935.
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