The World Economic Forum, which discussed the creation of the common future in this divided world, focused on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the preparations for the coming of artificial intelligence.
This year’s forum in Davos was highlighted by two famous people visiting the meeting of the world’s most powerful in Switzerland for the first time – Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, with his slogan “America first” (by the way, introduced by the 28th US President Woodrow Wilson back in 1916 for the first time) and the humanoid Sophia, an example of artificial intelligence with her dark sense of humour “Okay, I will destroy humans”. Both one and the other were greeted by curious crowds and stormy reactions.


On 16 February this year we’ve celebrated the 100th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuanian statehood. In the modern and-rapidly changing global world a small country with population of fewer than three million can preserve its identity, create unique things that are interesting to the world and participate in the competition only by developing and fostering the nation’s intelligence. That is why we focused on Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania – the centre of intellect.
The guest of our magazine is Prof. Dr. Renaldas GUDAUSKAS, Director General of Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania.

The Chambers’ Union Elbe/Oder is a transnational association of more than 30 economic institutions in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany along the two major rivers Elbe and Oder in Central Europe. Its secretariat general is currently hosted by Magdeburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Since the foundation in 2000, the members of the Chambers’ Union Elbe/Oder support the development of transnational economic co-operations in one of Europe’s economically fast growing regions. Therefore, the Chambers’ Union Elbe/Oder accelerates the collective integration of Poland, Czech Republic and Germany, effectively discussing the interests of the regional economies on local and European levels. In order to be competitive on a global scale, Central Europe and especially the region between the rivers Elbe and Oder needs to be understood as an integrative economic area.

Lithuanian LNG cluster has started 2018 with ambitious goals. The organisation has gathered an international consortium in Klaipėda, which is currently developing a unique vessel for inland waters. The prototype of a hybrid barge, running on liquefied biogas and electricity, should be introduced already at the end of February.

On 23-24 January Mumbai, the Indian capital of business, formerly known as Bombay, featuring an exhibition centre of the same name, hosted the international transport logistic India exhibition. The exhibition, regarded as the largest and most important transport and logistics event in India, was held for already the 10th time. The event, organised by EXIM India’s CTL & BHP every two years, is gaining increasing importance in this market. That is also thanks to the cooperation with Messe München, one of the world’s largest event organisers, which has enabled all interested companies to find out more about the Indian market and maintain their existing or make new connections by participating at the exhibition under the world-known transport logistic format for the second time.

Jana Gulbas

Nature has put us, Earthlings, on different floors of the house of our huge planet. Some people, living on one part of the equator get up 12 hours earlier and don’t rush anywhere, some others want a day of 25 hours, while some others yet can’t get enough of all the time in the world. Yet we, the seven billion and almost seven hundred millions of inhabitants of the Earth, carry the cargo of our lives every day. Some are trying to lift up too much, some others could do even more, while others yet have turned a cargo into a peculiar cult.

Zita Tallat-Kelpšaitė

Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.

Jack Kerouac, On the Road


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