We have been preparing this issue with some excitement as it’s a bit different from your usual business publication. Our magazine was chosen by Arminio Sciolli, the head of the il Rivellino Art Gallery as the tribune for the international event dedicated to Lithuania’s Centenary, which will take place during Locarno Film Festival. 
Introducing the art and culture of Lithuania, which is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its modern statehood, to Switzerland, the oldest democratic republic of Europe, is a noble mission. Aside from the traditional topics of the magazine, we also wanted to offer several fragments from the diverse and colourful collage of Lithuanian art, as well as insights to the essence, state and effect of the contemporary art on the society. 

Switzerland is rightfully proud of world-class festivals. The annual film festival in Locarno is one of them. The idea was embodied in 1946 as an association with the purpose to organise, promote and support the festival, open for both natural and legal persons. 
The 71st Locarno Festival will take place on 1–11 August and is one of the major European film events. The events, targeting various fields of the cinema industry attracts influential representatives of the cinema business: producers, sales agents, funders, directors, screenwriters, artists and other professionals working in the field.

The readers of JŪRA MOPE SEA magazine have already seen the name of the famous British film director, writer and artist Peter GREENAWAY in the magazine before. His drawings illustrated our publications on Jack Kerouac’s Beat Painting exhibition. Mr Greenaway’s drawing was also featured on one of our last year’s magazine covers. This time the magazine cover features Peter Greenaway himself, together with the Lithuanian photo artist Antanas Sutkus.

At the end of June Peter Greenaway, accompanied by his wife, the multimedia artist Saskia Boddeke, visited Lithuania, meeting local art and culture figures. This artistic couple is expected to come to the 10 jours en Lituanie, the days of Lithuanian art and culture in Locarno.

Antanas SUTKUS, the patriarch of Lithuanian photography, is the guest of both our magazine and il Rivellino Leonardo Da Vinci Art Gallery. 
Historians and critics call him the Homer of Lithuanian photography, whose creative work is an epos, consisting of the fragments of our daily lives.

The organisers of 10 jours en Lituanie, 10 days in Switzerland decided to introduce Lithuanian art and culture at Locarno Film Festival by inviting people from different fields and carrying different experience.

JŪRA MOPE SEA magazine, which is also participating at this event, asked the participants of the Lithuanian group to answer three questions:

What did you bring to Locarno Festival and what are you planning to do there?
What message do you want to send to the world with your work?
What experience do you hope to achieve for yourself, your work, creativity and life?

‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ – this is the optimistic and hopeful theme of the world EXPO 2020, which will start on 20 October 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and take place for the entire half of a year.

More than 170 states have confirmed their participation and signed agreements.

25 thousand new jobs, 2 000 new companies, 1.5 billion EUR of new investments, 200 % export growth, a 40 thousand increase in Klaipėda’s population, doubling salaries and 400 thousand tourists – this is Klaipėda’s ambition for economic breakthrough by 2030. 
Klaipėda was the first in Lithuania to choose the strategy of developing blue economy. The joint team, consisting of representatives from Klaipėda municipality, the port, science, industry and business, consultants, as well as more than 300 professionals from various fields picked the major directions and economic specialisation for the city’s development. Klaipėda decided to take the path of blue breakthrough and has set a goal of becoming a city of blue economy and fast global-level solutions.

Aleksandras Užmedis


Barquentine Meridianas


Meridianas, which became the symbol of the Lithuanian port town of Klaipėda, was built in Finland. The barquentine with three masts was one of the 91 ships, built by Finland after the World War II for the USSR as a part of the war reparations. The majority of these vessels were cargo schooners with seventeen (Meridianas included) barquentines, used for training future seamen rather than transporting goods.

The second TheATRIUM international theatre festival, which took place in Klaipėda for the entire June, was crowned by a professional, enchanting, theatrical Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. It became a cult a decade ago and is regarded as the best of what’s British to this day.

‘Where do we talk about life, excite the imagination and experience another reality these days? Or laugh, resent, marvel and cry with no constraint? In the now and at the theatre, because it is present only in this moment.’ talked Tomas Juočys, Director of Klaipėda Drama Theatre, before the festival.

Milda Manomaityte, Director of Global AirRail Alliance


About two hundred eager souls have gathered on the warm June evening at Crewe Railway Station to take part at the annual Three Peaks by Rail challenge, organised by the Railway Children charity. These people were joined by two teams from the Young Rail Professionals and I was one of them too.


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