28.8 million tonnes of goods were handled in the port city of Rostock last year. This was 200,000 tonnes or nearly one percent more than in the year 2016. This means the highest handling result achieved in the history of the port of Rostock. 26.9 million tonnes of freight passed the edge of the quay at Rostock overseas port alone. According to the port and shipping authority another 1.9 million tonnes were moved at the cargo and fishing port, the chemical port and other port facilities of the Hanseatic city. The number of ferry passengers carried on the lines to Denmark, Sweden and Finland increased by 200,000 to another top score of 2.5 million travellers.

Helsinki is the number one general port for international freight traffic in Finland.

In this fifth segment dealing with autonomous shipping, we step back from the fully autonomous ship (i.e. one directed solely by electronics and with no human inputs) to those that are directed remotely. I was recently asked whether I believed that this approach would erode the authority of the master of the vessel. While I can only respond with an answer based on my beliefs (I am not a lawyer, nor do I profess to being one), I believe that the answer in this case is “not really.” What has changed, however, involves the complexity of the risks that surround the master, particularly in the question of jurisdiction.

Achieving Differentiation through Digital Innovation
27 & 28 February 2018 - Copenhagen

A very special last challenge was awaiting BLUE FREIGHT SERVICE, a Freight Forwarder and Pangea Member based in Germany, just before the year ended. They were appointed by the European Space Agency (ESA) for an on-board courier (OBC) transportation of a state of the art scientific magnetometer that had to be delivered to the Kyung Hee University in Seoul (KHU).

The Swedish Port of Gävle and its Turkish operator Yilport will invest SEK 700m (approx. EUR 70m) in a new and fully crane-equipped quay, to be completed in Q4 2019.

In an unusual reversal, a customer on the U.S. East Coast appears to be importing a cargo of LNG that could include product from Novatek's Yamal facility in the Russian Arctic.

PORT OF KIEL invests in trade links with Russia

205 port calls by 43 cruise liners expected on 122 days

On Thursday, the U.S. Department of the Interior announced plans to make over 90 percent of America's offshore continental shelf (OCS) available for future oil and gas exploration. The proposal fully reverses the previous administration's policy, which put about 94 percent of the OCS off limits for E&P leasing.

Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s colorful deputy prime minister, has again made headlines by claiming the country will build a series of advanced nuclear icebreakers that have long been considered a mere fantasy.

The Chairman of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company, Rauf Veliyev, and the General Director of Moscow River Shipping Company, Konstantin Anisimov, have signed a memorandum of cooperation in cruise shipping in the Caspian region.

By Vincent Lagarrigue, Director of Trelleborg Oil and Marine

Looking back on 2017, one of the defining themes of the year has been the rise of LNG as a marine fuel.

Building on the great response to the Maritime Cyber Resilience Forums in Rotterdam, Athens and Hamburg in 2017 we are please to confirm the next in our series: Digital Ship Cyber Resilience Rotterdam 15 February 2018 and Digital Ship Cyber Resilience Singapore 15 March 2018, during APM.

The first edition of our new seminar series, dedicated to the topic of cyber-security in the maritime industry, is headed for London! Join us on February 8th, 2018, and discover all there is to know about threat identification, risk assessment and contingency plans. The industry cannot afford to take a solely reactive stance on the matter. It has to prepare today, in order to be ready tomorrow.


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