Klaipėda Hosts TheATRIUM 2020 International Theatre Festival

In May and June 2020, Klaipėda Drama Theatre will invite audiences to the fourth TheATRIUM international theatre festival. Last year its programme was enriched with Lithuanian performances – the festival introduced a showcase of Lithuanian theatre, where Klaipėda’s audience and foreign theatre professionals could see as many as fifteen performances, created by Lithuanian theatre producers, in only five days. This idea was very successful and thus this year the festival invites everyone to get to know the latest works of the masters of our theatre. 19–24 May will feature fifteen Lithuanian theatre performances, ranging from contemporary dance (Kaunas Zoo by Aura Dance Theatre, Towers of Melancholy by Airos) and musical action (Artūras Bumšteinas’ Bad Weather, produced by Operomanija) to modern interpretations of classic pieces (Candide or the Death of Optimism by Teatronas, Antigone by Klaipėda Drama Theatre), original works (Analyzing the Beast by VšĮ Būties Slėpinio Produkcija) and contemporary classics (Wedding and A Man from Podolsk by Oskaras Koršunovas Theatre).
The international programme will be introduced on 5–22 June, featuring five guest performances from Italy, Poland, Japan, Russia and Czech Republic. The audiences will be able to see contemporary interpretations of international pieces. On 10-12, the famous Polish director Agata Duda-Gracz, known for her Perhaps You‘ll Be Pleased, Madam, Or The Very Last Wedding in Kamyk Village, introduced to the festival audience in 2018, will offer a master class for actors on the topic of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Agata is planning to return to Klaipėda Drama Theatre at the end of 2020 and start a new production. This time she will be directing I am Hamlet for the international programme.
Tomas Juočys, Director of Klaipėda Drama Theatre, shared his thoughts on the upcoming festival:
‘TheATRIUM festival is dedicated to all of us – the ordinary people – who have their own opinions and dreams. Together we will pass the test of authenticity and humanity, since the stage will feature short moments of truths, which cannot be found on television, the internet or even the street any more... I am thankful to all my colleagues at Klaipėda Drama Theatre, who create this. We are also thankful to you, who agree and want to see performances, to see the truth, to feel uncomfortable, to be overcome by emotions and yet remain open. You inspire us to create this festival and to be not afraid of the real life and feelings.
Greetings to all the ordinary people, all the audiences of TheATRIUM!’
Klaipėda Drama Theatre welcomes you all to take part at the celebration, known as TheATRIUM.

                           FESTIVAL PROGRAMME

                           Showcase of Lithuanian Theatre, 19–24 May 2020

19/05                   OKT Vilnius City Theatre MAN FROM PODOLSK, dir. O. Koršunovas

19/05                   Klaipėda Drama Theatre OUR CLASS, dir. O. Koršunovas

20/05                   Operomanija BAD WEATHER, dir. A. Bumšteinas

20/05                   OKT Vilnius City Theatre THE WEDDING, dir. O. Koršunovas

20/05                   Aura Dance Theatre KAUNAS ZOO, dir. B. Letukaitė

21/05                   Kitas Kampas Theatre EVERY BRILLIANT THING, dir. K. Glušajevas

21/05                   Meno Fortas Theatre A HUNGER ARTIST, dir. E. Nekrošius

22/05                   Teatronas Theatre CANDIDE or THE DEATH OF OPTIMISM, dir. G. Aleksa

22/05                   Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre THE THIRTEENTH APOSTLE or A CLOUD IN PANTS, dir. J. Vaitkus

23/05                   Urbanistinis Draustinis ANALYZING THE BEAST, dir. P. Markevičius

23/05                   Klaipėda Drama Theatre ANTIGONE, dir. M. Kimele

23/05                   Aura Dance Theatre TOWERS OF MELANCHOLY, dir. A. Naginevičiūtė

24/05                   Apeiron Theatre BLADE, dir. G. Gudelytė

24/05                   Kaunas National Drama Theatre ELECTRICITY, dir. J. Koceli

                           International Programme, 5–23 June 2020

05/06 6.30 p.m.   Sardegna Teatro MACBETH, dir. Alessandro Serra. Italy

11–12/06 6.30 p.m.       Theater Office Natori GODOT HAS COME, dir. K. Kiyama. Japan

10–12/06             Master class (for actors). Agata Duda-Gracz, Poland

13/06 6.30 p.m.   Teatr Nowy w Poznaniu I AM HAMLET, dir. Agata Duda-Gracz. Poland

18/06 6.30 p.m.   Drama Art School Theatre WITHOUT A DOWRY, dir. D. Krymov. Russia

22/06 6.30 p.m.   Pod Palmovkou Theatre FAUST, dir. Jan Klata. Czech Republic

23/06                   Closing concert


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