EUROPE seeks a single comprehensive air cargo security standards with the United States to streamline the flow of trade in the first step of accepting Europe's robust standards "as equal to their own", said the Association of European Airlines (AEA).

The adoption of an EU-wide deal will "simplify the process for airlines and remove unnecessary duplication" on both sides of the Atlantic, said AEA secretary-general Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus, of its network of 34 carriers.

A number of bilateral agreements with the US and Finland, France, the Netherlands, Ireland and the United Kingdom are a "concrete foundation" towards a wider agreement and "highest possible security levels."

"Once we have a critical build-up of US approvals, an EU-wide deal will be a simple next step. These audits should give the US confirmation, if it is really needed, that European regulators take air cargo security extremely seriously," said Mr Schulte-Strathaus.

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LUFTHANSA Cargo Charter Agency has extended the contract it signed almost a year ago with general sales agent, Platinum Air Cargo, to cover additionally California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, according to Heavy Lift magazine.

The initial agreement covered Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma and mainly dealt with the oil and gas industry. Now a further focus will be put on aerospace, high-tech and other industries on the US west coast, said a statement by the air charter services company.

"Platinum Air Cargo was our first try with the GSA model," said Andrew Morch, general manager the Americas for Lufthansa Cargo Charter Agency, "and it has proven to be a success. It brings additional business without having to take the risk of taking on own staff. So whatever the economical ups and downs, you stay flexible."

Timothy Pfeil, vice president sales and airline relations, Platinum Air Cargo, said: "Adding our know-how and customer relations to the Lufthansa Cargo Charter expertise makes us a great team. We've done some very good jobs together and will do a lot more now with the extended reach."

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SWISSPORT International has been awarded ground handling licences for international airports in Morocco to become operational in July.

The award of the licences by the Moroccan Airports Authority (ONDA, Office National Des Aeroports) Tender Commission follows an open tender process.

Swissport will now engage with stakeholders to ensure a smooth and efficient start-up and is committed to selecting and deploying qualified, motivated handling staff from existing providers. An experienced management team will be put in place shortly for the start-up preparation.

"The market entry in Morocco is an important milestone in Swissport's geographical expansion in Africa," said company vice president Juan Jose Andres Alvez of the tender win.

Besides its provision of ground services, Swissport wants to add value and support to Morocco's aviation industry and the wider national economy. Alongside existing operations in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Algeria, the award of the Morocco licences will strengthen Swissport's position in North Africa, said Mr Alvez.

Zurich-based Swissport International moves 3.2 million tonnes of cargo a year using 98 warehouses covering 350,000 square metres for 650 client companies. It employs 35,000 people and is active at 177 stations in 36 countries. It generated US$1.86 billion in revenue in 2011.

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In response to the announcement by the PSVOA that they will re-enter the Alaska salmon fishery into assessment toward MSC certification, Kerry Coughlin, MSC Regional Director, Americas, said:

“The Marine Stewardship Council welcomes continuing partnership with Alaska salmon fishermen and processing companies and appreciates the willingness of the Purse Seine Vessel Owner’s Association to serve as the client organization for the whole of the Alaska fishery.  

“The Alaska salmon fishery has been a long-standing model of sustainable fishery management, and has been part of the MSC program since 2000.  Over the last twelve years buyers in seafood markets around the world increasingly have made commitments to adopt the MSC standard as part of their seafood sourcing policies.  Our many commercial partners who appreciate providing MSC certified Alaska salmon to their customers will be pleased at this decision to re-activate the assessment with the intention of continuing MSC certification of the Alaska salmon fishery.

“Under the MSC program, a fishery is formally recognized as entering assessment when an accredited, independent, third-party certifier files documents with the MSC.  We look forward to officially announcing the re-activated re-assessment of Alaska salmon when those documents are received, which is anticipated in the next few days.”


Back in the world's top 5

At this year's Passenger Terminal Expo in Vienna, passengers have awarded Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 'Europe's best airport'. Although Schiphol had already won the award of 'Western Europe's best airport' several times, this is the first time it is recognised as 'Europe's best airport'. Additionally, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is back among the world's top 5 airports, ranking fourth (compared with sixth on last year's list).

We are particularly proud of this award because it are the passengers who have voted us Europe's best airport. This award is not only a sign of recognition, it also provides an added impetus for us to fulfil and continue to fulfil our ambition to be Europe's preferred airport,' says Maarten de Groof, Executive Vice President & CCO of Schiphol Group.

Among the top 5 best airports in the world

The top 5 list of best airports in the world is headed by Incheon International Airport (South Korea), followed by Singapore Changi Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Beijing Capital International Airport.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is renowned not only because it so easy for transfer passengers to find their way around, but also on account of its many excellent recreational and leisure facilities. For these reasons Amsterdam Airport Schiphol now also ranks as the world's third-best transfer airport, after Singapore Changi Airport and Incheon International Airport.

The awards were presented to Senior Design and Review Manager Jan van der Linden at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Vienna yesterday.


The World Airport Awards, also known in the travel industry as the Passenger's Choice Awards, are considered the most significant benchmark for measuring the quality of airports worldwide. For the 2012 edition, Skytrax carried out a survey among more than 12 million travellers from over a hundred different countries on the quality of 388 airports around the world. This independent survey has been conducted since 1999.

Skytrax, a British consultancy, conducts research into the quality of various aspects of civil aviation, such as airlines and airports.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

HONG KONG's Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) has posted a 5.4 per cent increase in container volume to 1.24 million TEU year on year, but suffered a 0.9 per cent decrease in revenue to US$1.32 billion.

Loadable capacity increased 12.6 per cent in the first three months of the year, but the overall load factor was five per cent lower year on year. Overall average revenue per TEU also shrank six per cent from the same period last year.

For individual trade lanes, revenue was up more than 11 per cent in the transatlantic and intra-Asia/Australasian trades, but down in the company's larger transpacific and Asia-Europe trades. All four major trade lanes experienced growth in cargo volume, said the OOCL statement.

Transpacific volume increased 3.4 per cent to 306,571 TEU year on year yet revenue fell 4.4 per cent to $452.3 million. Meanwhile Asia-Europe volumes increased 3.2 per cent year on year to 202,452 TEU, despite a revenue decline of 21.2 per cent to $219 million.

Transatlantic volume increased 18.2 per cent to 107,516 TEU with revenue rising 11.3 per cent to $174.3 million.

Intra-Asia/Australasia volume was also up 5.2 per cent to 628,100 TEU as was revenue, which increased 11.7 per cent to $471.3 million year on year.

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DANISH shipping giant, Maersk Line, is looking to develop its "Daily Maersk" Asia-Europe service into other trades after it achieved a 99 per cent on-time reliability in February, according to London's Containerisation International.

"We would like to take this concept to other places as well. Our ambition in 2012 is to achieve a rate of 95 per cent of on time delivery on the major east-west trade lanes and also in some Oceania and Latin America markets," Maersk chief commercial officer Lucas Vos told delegates at Containerisation International's 14th Global Liner Shipping Conference in London earlier this week.

"In some markets we won't be able to do this, such as in Africa and Russia due to infrastructure problems, but even in these areas we want to have a substantially higher on-time rate then competitors," he said.

Mr Vos said "Daily Maersk" in Europe had helped increase the carrier's market share from 21 per cent to 25 per cent. As the same time, he stressed that the company was "adamant" that it would keep this market share but had no intention of increasing it.

He also spoke of cutting administrative costs by 70 per cent. "Invoicing is a complete nightmare," he said adding that this was because of all the different charges such as surcharges. "We need simple rate structures - let's rely on companies like INTTRA."

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THE ports of Singapore and Shanghai are again neck and neck for the world's top container port title with the latest first quarter figures putting them each at 7.5 million TEU.

Singapore had the title until 2010 when its container throughput was eclipsed by Shanghai's. But in March alone, Singapore's box volumes reached 2.6 million TEU, compared with 2.5 million TEU in the corresponding month last year.

Shanghai container volume in the first quarter was slower year on year, according to the Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG), which did not divulge comparative growth figures.

Chinese shipping industry officials have warned of slowing box throughput at Shanghai port this year, forecasting that turnover in the world's largest container port will be hurt by sluggish trade because of the European debt crisis and weak overseas demand.

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SINGAPORE's PSA International has split from its joint venture partner, India's ABG Ports, delaying the start of Mumbai's fourth container terminal at Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT) for reasons unexplained by the parties involved.

The Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) International and India's ABG Ports were awarded the INR67 billion (US$1.2 billion) project last August. PSA says it is prepared to build alone if the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust approves, which is expected to be decided after consultations with the Indian Shipping Ministry, reports the Hindu daily.

An official told the Hindu that there is no legal obstacle in PSA being the sole operator. The contract was awarded to the pair because of PSA's financial strength.

Earlier this year, the signing ceremony for the contract was cancelled at the eleventh hour following PSA's refusal to pay a INR500 million stamp duty to the state government, with the Singaporean company insisting that JNPT pay instead. This dispute has since been referred to adjudication.

At full-build out, the terminal, India's biggest, would more than double JN Port's capacity, adding 4.8 million TEU. All-India port container volume hit 9.7 million TEU in 2011, a figure that is expected to reach 14 million TEU within two years.

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MANILA's International Container Terminal Services Inc (ICTSI) may spend up to US$150 million to acquire Karachi's Pakistan International Container Terminal Ltd (PICT), reports the Philippines Business Mirror.

ICTSI disclosed that it had signed an agreement to acquire 35 per cent of PICT without disclosing the price. The Karachi-listed port operator set a market value of $178 million, according to recent filings with the Karachi Stock Exchange.

"The cost of acquiring 51 per cent is between $120 million and $150 million," ICTSI chairman and president Enrique Razon told reporters on the sidelines of the company's annual stockholders' meeting. "Their terminal is reaching capacity so our plan is to expand it. The market is growing very fast there."

PICT has an annual capacity of 750,000 TEU, having handled 669,806 TEU in fiscal year 2011, representing an 11 per cent growth over 2010. ICTSI extended its holdings to 23 terminals in 17 countries at the end of 2011.

ICTSI is increasing its capital spending budget more than two times this year to $550 million, with $345 million of that amount to be spent on greenfield projects in Argentina, Mexico and Columbia, said the report.

Mr Razon said he is also looking to Africa, the Middle East and Latin America as potential expansion sites. ICTSI last year reported a 33 per cent increase in its net profit to $130.5 million, up from $98.3 million in 2010, including non-recurring gains from an asset sale.

Revenues from port operations for the year increased 26 per cent to $664.8 million from the $527.1 million in 2010, the company said earlier.

Based on ICTSI share value, the company's market value is US$3.09 billion, said the report.

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JAPAN's Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) has commenced a six-week safety campaign that runs until the end of May and targets all types of vessels it operates within its fleet, including containerships, dry bulkers, tankers, LNG carriers and car carriers.

During the safety programme president Muto, company executives, and other personnel will visit vessels to exchange information and opinions with on-board employees.

The safety campaign is intended to achieve the goal of "Four Zeroes". The objects are to "never allow (1) serious marine accidents, (2) oil pollution, (3) fatal accidents, or (4) serious cargo damage", a company statement said.

These goals are set out in the transportation company's midterm management plan "GEAR UP! MOL," which began in April 2010.

Proposals and ideas gained through discussions with seafarers will be shared throughout the group, in a bid to further enhance a safe operational structure.

Particular focus will be paid to recent cases of collisions and grounding accidents, work-related injuries, and engine trouble disabling a vessel.

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CHONGQING is to start building five port projects this year, including Foeryan terminal phase 2, Wanzhou Xintian port area logistics park phase 1, Fuling port area Longtoushan terminal phase 1, Shizhu port area Jiangjiacao terminal phase 1, Yongchuan port area Zhutuo operation area phase 1

Foeryan terminal phase 2, Wanzhou Xintian port area logistics park phase 1 and Fuling port area Longtoushan terminal phase 1 will start construction within this year, according to Xinhua's report.

Wanzhou Xintian port area is one of a container and bulk transit hub on the upper Yangtze River and offers rail-river or road-river intermodal service. The first phase of the port area includes building five multi-use berths, bringing a 475,000 TEU or 6.6 million tonnes' capacity to the port.

The Foeryan terminal phase 2 project includes two 3,000-tonne bulk berths with a capacity of 1.74 million tonnes. Fuling port area' Longtoushan terminal phase 1 project includes five 5,000-tonne bulk berths with a capacity of six million tonnes.

Shizhu port area phase 1 terminal, which has a capacity of three million tonnes, and the Yongchuan port area Zhutuo operation area phase 1, which has a capacity of 1.8 million tonnes, will finish the feasibility report and apply for approval this year.

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DREWRY Maritime Research and CargoSmart Limited have entered into a cooperation agreement that will introduce a wider range of container key performance indicators (KPIs) to help importers and exporters benchmark their carriers' service levels.

Drewry will incorporate the additional KPIs into a new quarterly report, the details of which will be announced later this month, the company said.

"The new container KPIs will add value as they will measure performance at the box-level, which is more important for shippers than at the ship-level," said Drewry director Philip Damas.

Drewry has chosen CargoSmart for its comprehensive, high quality data, which is necessary for KPIs to be effective for decision making.

"Measuring KPIs is critical for shippers to optimise their business operations," said Kim Le, director of CargoSmart North America. "Drewry's and CargoSmart's complementary data and analysis provide a unique perspective and in-depth analysis for shippers to make informed decisions about their carriers, ports, and routes."

The new KPIs will monitor not only the performance of the physical port-to-port shipping operation, but also the performance of commercial processes, as well as regional inland transport performance and port dwell times.

"Drewry's reporting over recent years has indicated that only 60 per cent to 70 per cent of containership sailings arrived on time, with carriers only recently deciding to provide a guaranteed standard of service with compensations for delays," Mr Damas commented.

"In a service industry, we believe that it is important that buyers know what standards of service and performance they can expect from the carrier industry - whether good or bad - and what it means in terms of value-for-money and the cost of failed performance," he added.

The company explained that many large importers and exporters already measure various performance metrics for the carriers they use. But, the new industry KPIs provided by Drewry and supported by CargoSmart will provide a comparative, standard assessment of the performance of the carrier industry as a whole and of carriers unknown to shippers, which is not otherwise available even to large shippers.

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INDUSTRY consolidation and schedule reliability were big talking points at the Containerisation International's 14th Annual Global Liner Shipping Conference in London this week.

"There is more and more consolidation within the industry, both in capacity and at the relationship level. Ships get bigger and bigger, and no one can operate these monsters alone," said CMA CGM vice president (North America) Jean-Philippe Thenoz.

"Now the big question is volume: there are worries about where it will come from and where it will go," he said, adding that there was a need for global order to face rising overcapacity.

Said Ceva Logistics operations chief Bruno Sidler: "These major drivers won't go away: globalisation and consolidation. There will always be businesses being gobbled up by others."

Said Elkem traffic manager Marc Lembrecht: "If you look at what has been happening in the last couple of months, GDP has been going down. Carriers a few years ago took a bet and assumed growth would keep going."

Another issue was schedule reliability. While it has improved, it needs to be built into contracts between carriers and shippers to ensure long-term integrity, said Simon Heaney, research manager and London's Drewry Shipping Consultants.

"Historically, it was poor, in the range of 50 per cent, but more recently signs have been good. In Q4 last year the average was 69 per cent, and it's been in the low to mid 70s for the first two months of this year," he said.

Said Lars Jensen, CEO of Seaintel Maritime Analysis: "You need to put in a buffer time [in the contract] that is acceptable to both carrier and shipper."

Said Mr Lembrechts: "This is an important issue. The estimated time of arrival is built into customers' production plans; if this is not met, then they can really get into trouble."

Mr Jensen said reliability times needed to be measured by trade lane and not globally, and that it was the reliability of the delivery time of the container that needed to be measured, not the ship.

"Reliability has improved on the backhaul trades, such as Los Angeles to Shanghai, but the shippers on this trade lane, such as the waste paper shippers, don't care; it's the reefer shippers carrying cargo the other way for to whom this is important," he said.

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DP WORLD's London Gateway project has been awarded the coveted Global Deal of the Year for 2011 at the Infrastructure Journal Awards, the company announced.

The award recognises the delivery of outstanding infrastructure projects and is in recognition of the deep-sea container port's successful project financing, which was fully secured in December last year.

Said DP World European chief Sarmad Qureshi: "This sends a clear message to our customers that this is a globally significant development which has secured world class financial backing. Securing this deal has allowed construction to forge ahead and I am delighted that we were able to close on what has been recognised as the best infrastructure project deal in all sectors.

"We are confident that London Gateway will be able to deliver substantial supply chain cost savings to global shippers. Thanks to our closer location to key UK markets we will also be able to help customers move their goods in a greener, more efficient way, reducing carbon dioxide and other transport emissions," said Mr Qureshi.

The successful London Gateway team was accompanied by representatives from Allen & Overy, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Societe Generale, who played roles in advising and financing the project.

Said RBS infrastructure chief Kevin Maddick: "Working with our partners on the team, we were all impressed by the vision of the project and this award vindicates our confidence in financing its development."

Said Pallen & Overy partner Conrad Andersen: "This award is testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in making the project a success and ensuring the financing was put in place quickly and efficiently was an important part of that."

Said Societe Generale infrastructure chief Charles Greenfield: "Securing top quality funding has been a challenge in recent times. I am pleased DP World London Gateway was able to demonstrate a strong mix of vision and benefits to end users, which went a long way to help secure the financing."

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