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The Port of Helsinki has committed to the Carbon Neutral Helsinki 2035 programme and has created its own associated programme: Carbon Neutral Port 2035. Its main objectives are for the Port of Helsinki’s own operations to be carbon neutral by 2035 and to reduce emissions in the entire harbour area by 32 per cent (compared to 2015).

The majority of the Carbon Neutral Port 2035 programme’s measures will be implemented during the first five years, 2020–2024. Measures will be updated throughout the programme, as new solutions and technologies come onto the market.

In addition to its own targets, the Port of Helsinki wants to influence other operators’ emissions with the aid of, for example, recommendations and environmental financial incentives. Stakeholders’ expectations and international regulations will encourage other operators to reduce their own emissions, which will in turn support the objectives of the Carbon Neutral Port 2035 programme.

The Port of Helsinki’s targets and the measures that will be used to achieve them:

A 25 per cent reduction in vessel emissions.
› Shore power capabilities for nine berths
› Making alternative fuels available at Helsinki ports
› The continued development of an environmental programme targeted at ships

A 60 per cent reduction in emissions from heavy goods vehicles.
› Minimising the use of transport vehicles at ports
› Introducing incentives to use low-emission vehicles

A 60 per cent reduction in emissions from work machines used in the harbour area.
› Enabling the electrification of work machine infrastructure
› Encouraging the use of biofuels

The Port of Helsinki should be carbon neutral in terms of its own emissions by 2035.
› Minimising the Port’s energy consumption by modernising heating, installing LED lighting, and increasing the use of solar panels
› Acquiring necessary energy from carbon-free sources
› Helping to lower subcontractors’ carbon footprints via procurement

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