The construction of the new grain terminal on ANDROSOVSKY Mole has been laid!

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On April 10 on a saint day of its liberation from Nazi invaders in the port of Odessa has laid the foundation of the new grain terminal at the pier of Androsovsky. The ceremony is attended by Vice Prime Minister and  Minister of Infrastructure Borys Kolesnikov, chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Eduard Matviychuk, state policy director of the Department of Maritime and River Transport Sevryukov Vladimir, the head of the Odessa port Yuri Vaskov, Honorary President of the State Enterprise OCSP Nikolai Pavlyuk, Director General of the stevedoring company "Brooklyn-Kiev» Yuri Gubankov. As noted Y.Vaskov in the port of Odessa it is a tradition to celebrate the holiday commencement of construction of significant projects. On this day two years ago was the start of large-scale project "Quarantine Mole" The current object can rightly be called ambitious. The grain terminal with capacity of 4 million tons of grain per year, building on an equal footing the port of Odessa and the company "Brooklyn-Kiev," which the company has already sold more than one project. Investments will amount to $ 125 million: 40 million - the contribution of the port, 85 million - the company-investor. - The grain terminal, which is laid today - said B.Kolesnikov - should start operating in September next year. It will process 15 percent of the essence. Ukrainian grain exports. This project is world class and the investment that the investor is investing in its implementation, at international standards. Governor of Odessa region Eduard Matviychuk , who always sympathized with and supported all initiatives port, port workers greeted the start of construction of one of the largest grain terminals on the Black Sea. In the old tradition and B.Kolesnikov E.Matviychuk laid two coins with the symbols of the "Euro 2012" in the basement of the terminal. It has long been believed that it brings good luck and hope that the facility will be profitable and promising. B.Kolesnikov presses a button, giving the signal for the construction. At the signal begins to hammer pile driver pile. The port is already building a berth length of 254 m and a depth of 12.5 m from the cordon, which will receive and process-Panamax ships. The new terminal at the pier Androsovskom has every reason to become one of the most promising in the Black Sea. According to maritime tradition Y.Vaskov wished terminal under construction "seven feet under the keel."

Source Press-Service OCSP

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