10th Annual Maritime CIO Forum, Hamburg 20 February 2019

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Digital Ship is excited to return to Hamburg for the 10th Annual Maritime CIO Forum, to be held at the Empire Riverside Hotel on the 20th of February.

Digitalisation has reshaped the business world and is increasingly important for gaining competitive edge. Companies who ignore the latest innovations and advances risk being left behind. Emerging technologies, together with the evolution and development of new and interconnected platforms now offer unparalleled opportunities for growth and collaboration within shipping and related transport and supply chain infrastructures.

If this new industry era is to be truly realised, then shipping must embrace a new approach to the traditional supply chain. The delivery of goods has never been more transparent, nor more complex.
So, what can digitalisation do to streamline and integrate shipping with the connected supply chain ecosystem?

Speakers and Panellists Include:
• Dr. Marcell Vollmer, Chief Digital Officer, SAP Ariba
• Gerald Hirt, Managing Director, HVCC Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center GmbH
• Robert Squire, Director, Thales Certus
• Mike Powell, Founder, Cardinal Point Maritime
• Anders Flensborg, Managing Director, Flensborg and Associates & Partner, PortXL
• Frank Hennig, Scientific/Technical Officer, Project Management Jülich - Division Marine Research, Geosciences, Ship and Marine Technology Maritime Technologies
• Alexander Duisberg, Partner, Bird & Bird
• Stephan Piworus, Senior Vice President / Global Sales Marine & Ports, Identec Solutions
• Monique Giese, Partner, Tax, Global Lead Shipping, KPMG
• Felix Erdmann, Founder, Sea’d - The German Maritime Accelerator
• Christian Roeloffs, Founder & MD, xChange
• Martin Buhl, VP, Maritime Sales, KNL
• Karl Jeffrey, Founding Editor, Digital Ship
• Speaker to be announced, Inmarsat
• Speaker to be announced, Iridium
• Speaker to be announced, Speedcast

Across three key sessions we will discuss how we can identify the real opportunities and related challenges in front of us and seek to re-define digitalisation in maritime and transport. How can we better understand the improvements these innovations represent and build a solid business case for investing in this digital era.

Session 1: The Connectivity Evolution
Cloud, IoT, big data, remote monitoring…. Digitalisation is moving at a fast pace. The ever-growing use of on-board applications and increased data flows in shipping means that reliable data communications and platforms are even more critical.

This opening session of the day will look at how evolution in connectivity is changing the maritime and transport landscape by improving operational agility, enhancing efficiency, creating a safer, more secure environment and enabling greater efficiency. We will investigate innovations, define opportunities, evaluate best practices and learn from the best.

Session 2: Accelerating Change through Start & Scale-Ups
Shipping is still one of the most traditional industries, but the speed of change in the maritime sector is providing a real opportunity for new entrants to the market. We need fresh influence to accelerate much needed maritime transformation. We will investigate how we can benefit from start-ups, how we develop an innovative internal company culture, how we learn from other sectors and how we set-up and drive an innovation roadmap.

Session 3: iShipping
A Focus on Trends, Talent & Technology
The rise of digitalisation and advanced technologies such as IoT, blockchain autonomy, AI and VR, promise a faster, safer and more scalable supply chain for all parties and better business outcomes and increased supply chain transparency. What are the trends and benefits? How do we define digital competence and harness talents?

These massive opportunities mean massive complexities and security challenges too, so which are the right tools to use in this industrial revolution – and how can we keep our people and ships safe.

This session will break down some of these enabling technologies and discuss how they can be used - and what are the benefits and pitfalls to watch out for.

Event information and to register: www.hamburg.thedigitalship.com

Attendance is Free of charge for Ship Owners, Operators, Managers and builders.




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