Harbours Review Spotlight: Maritime Cyber-Security

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The first edition of our new seminar series, dedicated to the topic of cyber-security in the maritime industry, is headed for London! Join us on February 8th, 2018, and discover all there is to know about threat identification, risk assessment and contingency plans. The industry cannot afford to take a solely reactive stance on the matter. It has to prepare today, in order to be ready tomorrow.
The first session will kick off with a short guide to the international cyber-threat repertoire. You can’t fight if you don’t know what you’re fighting against. The seminar will help the participants to identify the threats endangering their businesses. After identifying the threats, the focus will shift to the industry’s actual state of preparedness for cyber-based incidents.

Localizing critical assets to ascertain what types of attacks hurt us most. Being able to predict where the enemy will strike can be a huge advantage in setting up the proper security measures. Based on the complex nature of ports and terminals, we will try to answer the questions whether they can be viewed as an easy target for cyber-attacks.

After the threats and exposure have been assessed, it’s time to choose the right protection measures and contingency plans. During the seminar, the participants will get the chance to explore the three pillars of information security, i.e. physical, human and digital and will find out how to be best insure their business for the times when things actually go wrong. We will also have representatives from ports and terminals tells us what can be learned from past incidents and how to best utilize this knowledge.

A discussion panel featuring various voices and approaches to staying proactive and developing a strategic approach to cyber-security will sum up the seminar.

It is impossible to talk about the event without mentioning London. Easily recognized as one of Europe’s and world’s greatest cities, England’s capital promises a wonderful time after a long business day. On top of that, the seminar serves as a wonderful networking opportunity. Couple that with London’s unique atmosphere and you are bound to forge some new business relationships.

The event is being organized by Actia Forum in close cooperation with TT Club.


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