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M/V "WAN MAY" - 176,460 dwt, blt 2012 SWS/China, AB, 9 HO/9 HA, B+W 6S70MC-C8
Sold to undisclosed buyers for $28.5
M/V "OCEAN SYMPHONY" - 57,949 dwt, blt 2012 Tsuneishi Cebu/Philippines, NK, 5 HO/5 HA, B+W 6S50MC-C, Cr 4X30T
Sold at auction in Japan to Greek buyers for $15 mill
M/V "PRIVMED" - 57,005 dwt, blt 2010 Cosco Zhoushan/China, NV, 5 HO/5 HA, B+W 6S50MC-C, Cr 4X30T
Sold to Greek buyers (clients of Technomar) for $9.75 mill
M/V "UNION DEDE" - 55,733 dwt, blt 2011 IHI/Japan, NK, 5 HO/5 HA, Wartsila 6RT-flex50, Cr 4X35T
Sold to Norwegian buyers (clients of Cleaves Capital) for $13.2 mill including charter back

M/V "BURTON" - 53,688 dwt, blt 2006 New Century/China, RI, 5 HO/5 HA, B+W 6S50MC-C, Cr 4X36T
Sold to German buyers for $7 mill
M/V "SOPHIA" - 45,758 dwt, blt 1996 Imabari/Japan, NK, 5 HO/5 HA, B+W 6S50MC, Cr 4X30.5T
Sold to Far Eastern buyers for $3.9 mill

M/T "NORD INDEPENDENCE" - 48,005 dwt, blt 2010 Iwagi Zosen/Japan, AB, 16 tanks, B+W 6S50MC-C
Sold to Danish buyers (clients of Norden) for $17.5 mill
M/T "MOUNTAIN OAK" - 13,160 dwt, blt 2008 Sekwang/South Korea, AB, 12 tanks, B+W 6S35MC, abt 13,400 liq (682 98%), coated, coiled, sbt, IMO II, double hull
Sold to Vietnamese buyers (clients of PV Trans) for $10.7 mill
M/T "ANAMARIA" - 6,487 dwt, blt 2009 Zhenjiang Sopo/China, BV, 12 tanks, MaK 9M25C
Sold at auction to Cyprus based buyers for $3.5 mill

(Please note that if some of the prices reported below do not correspond to the current scrap market levels, they are most probably older deals that recently became known to the market and do not reflect the current market situation)

M/V "TABANDEH" - LDT 9,320 - 43,288 dwt, blt 1986 Daewoo/South Korea, KR, 5 HO/5 HA, B+W 6L60MC, Cr 4X25T
Demo to INDIA or PAKISTAN for $337 per LDT
M/V "SANA" - LDT 14,788- 41,937 dwt, blt 2000 Hyundai Ulsan/South Korea, IN, 3280 teus, B+W 8S70MC-C
Demo to INDIA or PAKISTAN for $357 per LDT

C/V "BOMAR RISSEN" - LDT 7,684- 23,028 dwt, blt 1999 Stocznia/Poland, GL, 1730 teus, Sulzer 6RTA62U, Cr 3X40T
Demo 'AS - IS COLOMBO for $356 per LDT

GAS "LARBI BEN M'HIDI" - LDT 28,495 - 70,067 dwt, blt 1977 Cnim/France, BV, General Elec
GAS "BACHIR CHIHANI" - LDT 28,461 - 66,746 dwt, blt 1979 Cnim/France, BV, General Elec
Demo en bloc "AS - IS ALGERIA" (destination TURKEY) for $236 per LDT
M/T "STAVRONISI" - LDT 16,048 - 68,232 dwt, blt 1996 Zaliv,/Ukraine, LR, 14 tanks, B+W 8DKRN60/195
Demo "AS - IS SINGAPORE" (destination BANGLADESH) for $375 per LDT
(Note: delivered gas free for hot works, firm price due to high non-ferrous content)

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The magazine JŪRA has been published since 1935.
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