BUSINESS AND ART SYNERGY. Lithuanian Yard in Karaganda


Lithuanian Yard – the Lithuanian business and culture centre, featuring a Lithuanian food café, an art gallery and a conference hall – opened its gate in Karaganda this autumn.

United by historical experience

The people of Lithuania and Kazakhstan are united by common history. Several decades ago the land of Karaganda was a place of exile both for Lithuanians and many other people. However, the local Kazakhs did all they could to warm the hearts of people that have lost their homes and homeland.

Even years after the painful years of exile, Karaganda has always been a friendly and open city, offering shelter to all kinds of people starting their lives there.

Currently the Lithuanian Yard is already becoming a place, offering warmth, friendship and love to the people of Kazakhstan, who want to get to know the Lithuanian culture and traditions better. Here they are welcomed by the master of the yard himself – Vytautas Varasimavičius, founder and board chairman of TL Nika Group, which has been operating in Kazakhstan for already two decades. Mr Varasimavičius is the mind behind the bold idea to establish the Lithuanian Yard in Kazakhstan and the implementer of this project, doing many of the works by himself, being the tireless dreamer, idealist and restless fighter, as he is. Asked why he was doing this, during the opening ceremony Mr Varasimavičius stated that creating something unusual makes life more interesting and meaningful.

Lithuanian Yard hosted representatives of Kazakhstan’s government, diplomats, artists and bikers

The 21st century began with global confrontation. That is especially noticeable in terms of religions and cultures. Meanwhile, the nations of Kazakhstan and Lithuania, although rather different in culture and religion, not only did not turn against each other, but keep increasing their cooperation, demonstrating an organic synthesis of cultures, characterised by mutual enrichment and complement. That was quite noticeable during the opening of the Lithuanian Yard, attended by various guests: members of the Lituanica Lithuanian community, dressed in national costumes and led by Vitalijus Tvarijonas, Honorary Consul of Lithuania, as well as representatives of the akimat of Karaganda, ambassadors and honorary consuls, representatives of other ethnic communities, businessmen and artists. The new business and culture centre was also visited by the bikers of Karaganda, who came here on their roaring steel horses in the eve of the celebration to meet their colleagues and friends from Lithuania that have taken a detour off their route around the world, which has been taking over a year now.

The “Mysterious Stranger”

The visitors were greatly interested in the first exhibition of the works of the Lithuanian painters Irmantas Kazlauskas, Povilas Dirgėla, Jolanta Dovydaitytė, Rūta Bužinskaitė, Vladimiras Šarašidzė, Šarūnas Šarkauskas and Zita Tallat-Kelpšaitė.

At the beginning of November the Lithuanian Yard Gallery opened the “Mysterious Stranger” jewellery exhibition of the artist Rūtta Mill from Klaipėda. At the Lithuanian Yard the jewellery created by the Lithuanian artist was demonstrated by businesswomen, medics and officers of Karaganda and Almaty, acting as models for the evening, enriched with the piano music, performed by a student of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts.

This gallery is looking forward to meeting artists not only from Lithuania, but other countries as well. The gallery is also planning to organise summer plain-airs, symposiums, international exhibitions and conferences.

Lithuanian Yard is open to visitors and expanding

The Lithuanian Yard in Karaganda is expanding. The construction of the hotel is already halfway through, followed by infrastructure development works.

The Lithuanian Yard was recently visited by a delegation of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, accompanied to Karaganda by Vytautas Naudužas, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Lithuania. According to him, the delegation was positively impressed by the complex and believes that after the completion of the infrastructure and territory development works, the Lithuanian Yard could become an attractive location for international and local events of business and art, as well as recreation.


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