INTERNATIONAL EVENTS. Transport and Logistics Representatives Gathered in the Mid-route of the Silk Road


The organisers of TransKazakhstan / Translogistica position themselves as the largest exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies in Central Asia.

On 18-20 September Almaty hosted already the 22nd edition of the transport and logistics exhibition and a conference.

80 advance cooperation agreements

Although the exhibition is not large on the global scale, its visitors claim that the meeting point in the mid-route of the Silk Road, which gathered 83 companies from 13 countries, offers benefits and new partners for their businesses.

For example, the FKK Group transport and logistics company shared about signing 80 advance cooperation agreements. Truly impressive! Many companies can’t achieve this in a year. The company’s CEO Vladislav Fadeev says that even though FKKGroup is a rather new player in the region, their services are in high demand. According to the CEO, their reputation has been fairly earned and is based on client trust.

There’s no doubt that the organisers of the exhibition are glad to hear about such results as well.

Baltic States invited to share their digitisation experience with Kazakhstan

Ričardas Degutis, Vice Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, in the lead of a relatively large delegation of Lithuanian transport business, emphasized the exhibition’s importance to Lithuanian companies. ‘Kazakhstan constantly focuses attention on the Silk Road, including rail transport. Meanwhile we, being in the western part of this route, can offer our services and capacities. Together with Kazakhstan’s companies we can contribute to the development of the diversification of the Silk Road routes.’ says the Lithuanian Vice Minister of Transport and Communications.

Yerkhat Iskalyev, Presidium Member of Kazlogistics transport workers’ union, expressed his confidence that the Baltic States could share their experience and introduce their projects in the field of transport and logistics digitisation, which could lead to productive cooperation with Kazakhstan’s companies.

Lithuanian companies in the lead of innovations

Interested companies have likely had an excellent opportunity to discuss digitisation, robotisation, the internet of things and ways of employing artificial intelligence with representatives of Klaipėda State Seaport Authority and Lithuanian Railways, participating at the exhibition, whom Rokas Masiulis, the Lithuanian Minister of Transport and Communications, has referred to as the leaders of digitisation and innovations.

Employment of artificial intelligence and the opportunities of implementing the internet of things systems and automated trains, as well as the establishment of testing grounds – these are only a few of the international level innovations, implemented by the Lithuanian Railways, which will transform the entire transport and logistics sector beyond recognition.

According to the Minister, the modern communications policy should be based on a long-term attitude, grounded on responsibility for the future generations. Thus, its development must involve such global challenges as climate change issues, improvement of energy efficiency, mobility demand management and formation of new mobility habits.

JŪRA MOPE SEA demonstrated the synergy of business and art

This time, JŪRA MOPE SEA international business magazine participated at the exhibition, introducing a fragment of the long-term on-going project of Synergy of Business, Science and Art. The magazine’s stand was decorated not with maritime flags, but pieces of art that were also full of maritime themes. Visitors of the exhibition could see a fragment of the exhibition of Lithuanian artists, which was hosted in Karaganda. It was on display at the Lithuanian Yard business and culture centre, established and opened last year by Vytautas Varasimavičius, founder of TL Nika Group.

Aside from art, visitors of the exhibition could explore this year’s issues of the magazine, featuring a detailed account on the opportunities, offered by Lithuanian marine business and transport industry, the activity of the magazine’s partners TL Nika Group, KLASCO, Klaipėda State Seaport Authority, Lithuanian Railways, Baltic ports, Saxony-Anhalt – the central logistics hub of Germany – and other topics.

Next year TransKazakhstan / Translogistica exhibition will also take place on 18–20 September in Almaty.


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The magazine JŪRA has been published since 1935.
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