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Circle is a credible partner for Italian and European companies that want to seize the challenge of innovation, internationalization and growth through a better organization and effective processes.
Circle has a specific vertical expertise in ports, maritime and intermodal logistics that make it a distinctive and complete partner in this specific industry.
We talked about the company’s operations with Luca ABATELLO, Circle Director General

Mr Abatello, your company’s credo is “Touch your ideas”. What ideas does Circle raise and implement?
Since the establishment of Circle, our mission has been to link the business targets of simplification and digitalization of intermodal freight transport with the development of concrete solutions for all stakeholders involved in the supply chain.
This concept is well-recognisable in Circle – the company name – and our logo (a ring with three different colours), as well as our slogan “Touch your ideas”.
Circle’s positioning reflects indeed the combination between the three themes we explore in order to transform lack of competitiveness and criticalities into tangible solutions and opportunities: institutional and regulatory evolutions, operational elements and technological aspects.

You promote innovative, passionate, original and competent implementation of ideas, pragmatically focused on efficient evolution. What is your progress so far?
During the years our positioning has evolved by gaining more and more expertise on the aspects of sea transport and railway integration, as well as coming to the offer of a complete support in terms of digital management of the multi-modal logistic chain in response to the “digital disruption”.

At the end of September Circle is attending the Baltic Sea Ports & Shipping 2017 conference, which will take place in Tallinn, Estonia. What ideas will you bring to this international event? What do you hope to find there for your company?
Being convinced that concrete projects could be developed in the upcoming years, we are greatly interested in potential opportunities in the Baltic area. We find indeed some similarities between the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, where we already have a well-structured and multi-year expertise that can be repeated in the Baltic region.
At the conference in Tallinn I will speak about digitalization of operational components along the international logistic chain and simplification of customs procedures with particular regard to International Fast Trade Lanes.

What are your company’s priority markets or regions? What would be your development goals?
We are planning a further expansion in the Mediterranean, Baltic and Middle East markets, where Circle already has a significant portfolio of clients, with particular regard to the completion of the digitalization in the supply chain, to the optimized management of operational and customs components, and to the IoT (Internet of Things): applied to intermodal logistics.
At the moment international projects represent a 30 % share of our business and our goal is to increase this percentage to 50 %. At the same time we aim to grow MILOS® platform both in terms of “software as a service” and “pay per use”.

The participants of the transport market feel rather uneasy about the possible outcome of the Brexit. What is your company’s position regarding this issue? Do you have any backup plans in your strategy?
I am sorry for the European Union, but, honestly, I am convinced that the UK will experience the worst consequences. Anyway, perhaps Circle will have new opportunities coming from the Brexit and... also propose Britain to activate the International Fast Trade Lanes!

This May at transport logistics exhibition in Munich, Germany, you have announced about Circle’s strengthening of the strategic partnership with Binary System: what products of this cooperation will soon be introduced to the transport and logistics market?
The result of our cooperation with Binary System is already mature: Circle’s MILOS® system, a modular software for the optimization of processes intended for terminals, ports and logistic operators, has been integrated with Binary System’s SoftRail®, a suite for shunting and rail operations, intended for the rail undertakings.
This means that, thanks to the integration of information flows both in terms of rail undertakings and logistics platform managers, different players of the logistics chain can now be connected, making transport management significantly simpler and reducing related time and costs.


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