POLITICS AND LIFE. Third modernisation of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness

At the beginning of every year Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, addresses the Kazakh nation by introducing the most important issues of the state strategy and his own position on the necessity of certain steps and solutions.
This year, as Kazakhstan is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Independence, N. Nazarbayev addressed the nation stating that the country has completed one phase of its development and has appropriately prepared for entering a new one – the third modernisation of Kazakhstan.
Here are some extracts from the President’s address to the Kazakh nation.

Dear People of Kazakhstan!
I am addressing the people of Kazakhstan as we approach the new era.
The country has honorably passed its 25-year development phase. We are proud of our country. As part of the festivities on the 25th anniversary of Independence we have highlighted Kazakhstan’s achievements and progress. They are well known and appreciated by the world community.
Kazakhstan has become a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council since the beginning of 2017.
EXPO 2017 international exhibition will be held in Astana this year. We are the first among the CIS countries and Central Asia to host such an important global event.
Sports events within the Universiade-2017 have started in Almaty, with the participation of over 2,000 athletes and delegates from 57 countries.
All that is the result of a correct political path and Kazakhstan’s high authority in the international arena.
Kazakhstan shall join the world’s top 30 developed countries by 2050. We will surely go for this purpose.
With growing competition and the lack of stability in the world, the relevance of my proposed Strategy-2050 to the people in 2012 is increasing. We have been able to timely anticipate the forthcoming hard time.
Due to the “Nurly Zhol” Economic Policy and the “100 Specific Steps” Nation’s Plan we are worthily going through the initial stage of a complex global transformation. Additional KZT 1.7 trillion has been allocated to support the economy in 2014-2016 alone. That provided an opportunity for economic growth and business support, creating more than 200 thousand new jobs.
The result ensured the gross domestic product growth by 1% in 2016. That is particularly important under the current difficult conditions.
The world situation is changing rapidly. That is a new global reality, and we have to accept it.
Dear Compatriots! Only those nations, which manage to get ahead of the future and decisively meet the challenges, without standing and waiting, are the winners.
The next and fourth industrial revolution is starting in the world.
Universal economic digitalization will lead to disappearance of entire industries and creation of fundamentally new ones. Great changes before our eyes are both a historic challenge and opportunity for the nation.
Today I pose a challenge of carrying out the implementation of Kazakhstan’s third modernisation. It is necessary to create a new model of economic growth that will create the country‘s global competitiveness.
Currently, many countries are trying to solve the same problem. I am sure that the transition recipes to the new growth model are not equal. We should have regard to our strong points and not to lose our opportunities that we have created together over 25 years of our Independence.
We all remember the 1st modernisation of Kazakhstan. We have a memory of starting our way a quarter century ago on the ruins of the Soviet Union. Then from the foundation our generation created a new state, which did not exist on the world map before.
There was a transition from a planned to a market economy. It is crucial for me that together we have then managed to hold the country from the turmoil of internal conflicts and economic collapse. Kazakhstan came out of that period with minimal losses and the largest achievements.
The 2nd modernisation began with adopting the Strategy-2030 and creating a new capital city Astana. The results are undeniable. The country broke away from the economic crisis zone and joined the world’s 50 most competitive economies.
Two successful modernisation processes have given us invaluable experience. Now we need to boldly step forward and start the 3rd upgrade.
This upgrade is not a plan of combatting the current global challenges, but a reliable bridge to the future, to fulfill the Strategy-2050 objectives. It will be held based on the “100 Specific Steps” Nation’s Plan.
I see its five key priorities.
The 1st priority is the accelerated technological modernisation of the economy.
The 2nd – massive improvement and expansion of the business environment.
The 3rd – macroeconomic stability.
The 4th – qualitative improvements of human capital.
The 5th – the institutional transformation, security and anticorruption efforts.
They are designed to ensure the economic growth above the world average, and steady advance towards the Top 30 leading countries.

Dear People of Kazakhstan!
By this Address I would like to convey to every citizen my view of development trends in the new reality.
I instruct the Government to develop a strategic development plan until 2025 for the country’s 3rd modernization titled “Kazakhstan’s National Technology Initiative”.
We have no other choice but gracefully meet the challenge and solve the problem for the country’s further modernisation.
I believe that our great nation will take a full advantage of the unique historical chance.
Kazakhstan is a new multi-ethnic, and dynamically developing country, confident in its future! We have passed the 25-year-old path of development. In the next 25 years we expect even higher frontiers.
By accumulating a unique wealth of experience when creating a state, we have entered a new stage. I am sure that no matter what difficulties are ahead of us, we will overcome them. Our main strength is unity.
We will turn Kazakhstan into a more prosperous country for our descendants!

From the Address of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev’s to the Nation of Kazakhstan, January 31, 2017


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