‘A flag is not as hard to hoist than carry it through everyday life.’ said the Lithuanian poet Justinas Marcinkevičius.

We hoisted the flag, symbolising the idea of Lithuania as a maritime state, together with the Lithuanian maritime community twenty years ago in the form of JŪRA MOPE SEA magazine. Serious and responsible, we carried it together for several years. We established unprecedented Lithuanian maritime awards, named after the cyclone Anatol, which ravaged Lithuania. Later the name was replaced with a more meaningful Windrose. The purpose of these international awards was to honour the representatives of the maritime industry business, science and politics from Lithuania and abroad, suggested by various companies and selected by competent international commissions.

Eventually the number of the arms carrying the flag kept decreasing until only a few of them and one or two broader shoulders to lean on were left in the difficult daily life. With these forces of maritime state flag-bearers, 110 issues of the magazine and the 544-page book Signs and Words, published in four languages, we came to the magazine’s 20th anniversary.

For this I offer my deepest respect and thanks to companies and people, who joined us on this voluntary journey for a longer or shorter period, contributing to the anniversary issue of the magazine or the book Signs and Words in some way.

Without the trust of our friends and partners, their sincere support throughout the twenty years, there would be no magazine and I would have not been able to fulfil my plans and ideas.

I believe that all of us have our own mission in this world. I think that my mission is to introduce Lithuania to the world as a creative and attractive partner, and Europe – as a continent of wise politics, sustainable economy, rational decisions and high quality standards, which is open to cooperation and a reliable place for investments. Also, Asian countries – as a region of rapid growth, competitive economy, new ideas and financial opportunities. Since the very beginning of the magazine I raised a goal of uniting people from various countries, traditions and cultures for joint activity, building bridges of friendship and benevolence between Europe, Asia and other continents, connecting minds and creative forces to preserve our fragile planet and build a better future for everyone.

I hope that my mission in the last twenty years was successful – I have put all of my effort and abilities to fulfil it.

This unique magazine – the only of its kind in Europe and, perhaps, in the entire world in terms of format and principle, regularly published in four languages – English, Chinese, Russian and Lithuanian – is quite well-known in the international market. In case of a need, there would be no problem to introduce a new language and publish a special issue (or a few of them on some language) for certain occasions or certain regions. Such practice turned out very well in case of the world EXPO 2017, which took place in the Kazakhstanian capital of Astana (currently Nursultan), when we published a special issue in five – Lithuanian, Kazakh, English, Chinese and Russian – languages. For its efforts the magazine received a Letter of Gratitude from the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania.

However, today, in the process of preparing a new issue, which will also mark the beginning of a new decade in the magazine’s history, I want to shout ‘Change!’, just like the US President Barack Obama once did.

JŪRA MOPE SEA, entering its 21st year, needs change! In terms of topics. In terms of structure. In terms of innovation. And these changes are impossible without financial and investment changes.

Therefore, I announce Urbi et Orbi (Lat. to the city and the world, i.e. to everyone) that the magazine is open to various offers and most drastic changes, no matter which country they come from.

Having published these expectations, we are not planning to sit on our hands and wait for the heavenly manna. We continue to work, look to the future and make plans for the upcoming year. No rushing or forcing of events. We carefully look around us and analyse the signs we see, waiting for the right signs, appropriate words, understanding people, wise decisions and rational suggestions.

Sincerely Yours,

Zita Tallat-Kelpšaitė

Publisher of JŪRA MOPE SEA magazine since 1999


The magazine SEA has been published since 1935
International business magazine JŪRA MOPE SEA has been published since 1999
The first magazine in Eurasia in the four languages: English, Chinese, Russian and Lithuanian


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The magazine JŪRA has been published since 1935.
International business magazine JŪRA MOPE SEA has been
published since 1999.

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