PUBLISHER’S WORD. A Pistol on the Wall...


‘If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired.’ The Russian literature classic Anton Chekhov gave his famous book writing advise exactly one hundred and thirty years ago.

The expectation of a gunshot creates an intrigue and tension, which grips the audience.

We surely can’t complain about boredom or being too relaxed in the early 21st c. The global stage offers so many performances that it’s hard to pick your favourites and decide which melodrama, tragedy, farce or comedy performers should be praised and which – buried under rotten tomatoes.

Audiences have lots to choose from, ranging from the ongoing Brexit series (featuring faces that many have already grew a bit tired of and the prima donna’s last final lament) to energetic, passionate and responsible performances ‘right here, right now’, such as the public resignation of the first and only president of an Asian state, owning a nearly entire periodic table or resources in its depths. The president signed the document and left the throne with a dignified air after giving a good public scolding to the government for being unable to tame corruption and other maladies that prevent the state aiming to take the lead.

Another of the audience’s favourites is the second season of the soap opera Of Love, Nuclear Arsenal and Other Demons, launched last year and featuring two major characters – an innocent tall blonde and a timid young brunette – planning a friendly lunch in a neutral territory, discussing the bright future and, at the same time, adjusting some of the global issues. Unfortunately, the ‘fake’ news that our tireless Don Quixote (not the one from La Mancha) has been battling for so long made our hero so angry that he suddenly mounted his celebrated steed Rocinante, gave him a good kick and rushed off to build a wall, leaving the brunette alone with his cold lunch, rockets and sanctions. Dissatisfied and irritated, he jumps on his celebrated train and rushes off to do some testing.

Is this the end?

Nobody knows.

The following act, worth of Shakespeare’s finest plays, takes place in the capital of nations, not so far from Hamlet’s castles. The key question – to be or not to be – has been echoing here in all dramatic tones: should we build walls or open our hearts and doors, are these endless hordes of friendly engineers or highway bandits, is a divorce better than living without love, does Asian invasion bring danger or economic benefit? That is the question!

When the Frau, the Lady and the Monsieur joined their hands and hearts, always ready to face these cataclysms together, one supporting actor suddenly decided to rush off on the New Silk Road. And here is another question: chase her, bring her back, punish her or let her go? There’s nowhere to go anyway – she’ll get lost in the deserts of Gobi and Taklamakan.

In the plays, where the great actors majestically divide and share the world, casually taking pipes, ports, peninsulas, hills and other little things of this world, the secondary performers also try to rise to the top by theatrically changing state and capital titles, ministers, directors, janitors, portfolios and socks.

The Claque applauds.

Sanctuaries are stormed by the new Quakers.

Impressive mass scenes, featuring numerous extras striving for the role of the president, take place in the fading fatal, fiery orange and brightly yellow lit scenography.

Scriptwriters, directors and producers remain hidden, which creates an even greater intrigue and tension, because somewhere in the depth of the stage there is a pistol, hanging on the wall...

The theatre is waiting for an audience of thinkers.


Sincerely Yours,

Zita Tallat-Kelpšaitė

Publisher of JŪRA MOPE SEA magazine since 1999


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The magazine JŪRA has been published since 1935.
International business magazine JŪRA MOPE SEA has been
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